We wanted to recover faster after workouts. That’s why we started Momentous.

Our mission drove us to seek out the absolute best knowledge of nutritional supplements in order to be able to deliver products with complete transparency and free of fillers and inferior ingredients.

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Essential Plant Protein
Use anytime of day for a dairy-free or vegan lifestyle.
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Absolute Zero Plant Protein Bottle
Absolute Zero Whey Protein Bottle
Essential Grass-fed Whey Protein
Use anytime of day as an additional high quality protein source.
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Strength Recovery Whey Protein
Use after a heavy strength or anaerobic workout for faster recovery.
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Arc Fire Whey Protein Bottle
Red Shift Whey Protein Bottle
Endurance Recovery Whey Protein
Use after a long aerobic workout or game over 90 minutes.
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Momentous Sleep Recovery

New Packaging, Same Great Formula

Use 30 minutes before bedtime to fall asleep faster and achieve higher quality sleep.

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The Strength Training
Routine of NFL Tight End
Kyle Rudolph

Third-party testing ensures our products are safe and clean.
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Rasa Troup, Dietitian, Minnesota Twins
The dietitians and coaches engineering Momentous products.
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In The Press

"A great protein powder for runners. This vanilla or chocolate flavored mix provides 20 grams of protein per serving and tastes good enough to mix with just water."

"The Momentous plant protein isn’t just great if you’re a plant-based or vegan athlete, but also promotes gut health and has the fastest absorbing plant protein sources available."

"They’ve removed any unnecessary additives or preservatives, so you’re getting the cleanest grass-fed whey protein on the market."

"I pop Momentous Sleep 20 minutes before bedtime, fall asleep fast and wake up without any grogginess."

“Plant based proteins are growing in popularity, but the challenge is taste. The Momentous plant flavors are out of this world.”

- Jordan Mazur, San Francisco 49ers Dietitian