What are your 2018 goals?

We’re on the cusp of a New Year and with that always comes renewed motivation and a fresh set of goals. 2018 is no exception, and some of our Topical Edge Athletes let us in on some of the goals they will be pursuing in the new year. Of course, the goal setting never seems to be the issue, it’s the follow-through that gets us almost every time. So we asked each athlete not only what they’re aspiring to, but also how they plan to achieve it.

Ryan Steers - Professional mountain biker for Giant Bicycles

I’ve had a few cycling revelations lately and for 2018 I’m going to prioritize experience over outcome; I'm at the point where the stories and friends I gather from cycling adventures and events are more valuable than the trophies that collect dust on the shelf. Sure, winning is great but riding bikes should always be fun regardless, and it’s easy to lose sight of that. If I’m at an event this year and get ten flat tires, break a chain, and finish dead last but come away with a great story and a new riding buddy I’ll consider it a win.

That being said, I’m competitive enough that I’ll never give less than 100% or stop pushing until I’m cross-eyed but this season I’m going to target events that allow me to grow as a person and not just as a racer. Dirty Kanza 200 is a huge goal and focus this season- just to be part of the environment with so many other gravel legends is an honor. I expect that to hurt a lot, but maybe the Performance & Recovery Lotion will take the edge off just a bit.

Jeffrey Stern - Ultrarunner

After getting a taste of the ultramarathon scene in 2017, my main goal is to increase my training load and compete with some of the best pros in the country at the Way Too Cool 50k in March followed by ramping up my training to tackle the next distance goal, the notoriously competitive Lake Sonoma 50 miler in April.

I plan on incorporating blocks of longer runs over a two-day period to simulate the strain and fatigue of running 50 miles all at once. For example, I'll run 20 miles on Saturday followed by 30 miles on Sunday with varied terrain and lots of vertical ascents as well as descent. This will prepare my mind and body to tackle the longer distance in April, without completely emptying my tank in one run. Two to three weeks before will be my biggest week (approximately 90 miles), then I will start to taper down to feel fresh, but ready to rip come race day.

Peter Foster - CrossFit athlete

My ultimate goal for the 2018 season is to qualify as a Master athlete for the 2018 CrossFit Games. This will require me to perform at a level during the CrossFit Open that allows me to achieve a ranking in top 20 in the entire world in order to qualify.

To achieve this, my main focus up until now and moving forward has been consistency. Consistency in training, diet, recovery, and mental preparation. Not worrying about the day to day nuances of training has helped me dramatically. Just focus on the end goal and work!

Jeff Byers - Retired NFL player & avid cyclist

My main goal for next year is to become a more consistent and balanced athlete. I’ve been an athlete all of my life but I’ve more recently been able to commit more time to cycling and want to continue improving training consistency throughout the year. What needs to happen in order to accomplish this is to build out a rough monthly plan and block time on my calendar, otherwise there’s always something that seems to come up. Finding a daily workout buddy for accountability is something else that would help keep me on track.  

Brian McCulloch - Professional cyclist for Elevate/KHS

My major goal is to be in the breakaways in every professional-level race our Elevate/KHS Pro Cycling Team enters. Additionally, I want to have both the mindset and fitness to be able to finish strong should any of those breakaways succeed until the finish. In order to do this, I have been focusing on a high training volume and sharpening my mental skills. A big component of remaining consistent with my training volume is the recovery, and utilizing Performance & Recovery Lotion is especially beneficial in helping me get the physical edge to match the mental-toughness piece that I’ll need.

Craig Taylor - Triathlete

My primary goal for 2018 is to race IRONMAN Texas to my full potential. I know that I still haven’t performed up to the highest level that I'm truly capable of for one reason or another. At my most recent race, IRONMAN Louisville, I had a new PR of 9:19:34 but also a significant delay due to a flat tire. So at IRONMAN Texas 2018 I want to race to my absolute full potential and hopefully, that will result in me going sub-9 hours, turning in a sub-3 hour marathon, and securing a coveted spot at the 2018 IRONMAN World Championship in Kona.

What are your goals for 2018 and how will you achieve them? Let us know in the comments!

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