Joseph Gray

Joseph Gray is a professional distance runner noted as one of the most versatile endurance runners in the world. Gray has won 16 USA National Titles across various distinctions such as Track, Road, Cross Country, Mountain and Trail Running. He has represented Team USA 22 times over the course of his career and has brought home Gold in the World Championships for Snowshoe Running, World Mountain Running Championships and the Xterra Trail Running World Championship. Gray holds records for most consecutive victories in the Continental Championships known as the Northern American Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) for Mountain Running with 5 consecutive wins along with being the first athlete to win the NACAC Championship in both Cross Country and Mountain Running. In unison with his athletic efforts Gray enjoys spending time in the garden perfecting some of the hottest peppers, creating recipes and writing poetry lyrics. Gray is also an avid believer that one should engage in giving back to their community. He donates annually to the Candlelighters of Southern Colorado and also takes part in trail clean ups locally in his running community.

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