The Perfect Day: Southern California Style with Megan Porteous

Lucky enough to split her time between two beautiful places, the sunswept sandy beaches of Encinitas, California and the high peaks of the Wasatch Range in the Rocky Mountains, Topical Edge ambassador Megan Porteous enjoys the best outdoor activities her hometown(s) have to offer, year around.

Wanting to learn more about how she maintains such a dynamic and athletic lifestyle and with summer still lingering in sunny Southern California, we caught up with her in the middle of her weekend spent exploring the coastal paradise with her husband, from sea to land and asked her, “What is your perfect day?”


Normally Friday night, some group text chains with cycling friends start going off; everyone wants to know who’s in and where are we going? We always try to ride early on the weekends, especially if we’re staying on the coast, so we’re up with the sun around 6am. First things first, we fire up the kettle for the French press so we can ruminate on the day ahead, waking up the body and mind. Sleepily and slowly over coffee, the sunscreen, chamois cream and Topical Edge application get us prepared to roll out the door on time. The destination is often our favorite meeting spot in town, the Lofty Coffee Company. The only question that remains from our text chain the previous night is where to: south or north? 

Photo by Ian William Matteson

My direction of choice is usually south through Encinitas, passing through the surf town of Solana Beach and climbing up Torrey Pines before dropping into Del Mar. It’s a beautiful early morning, rolling coastal route with a decent climb and always a fun descent on the way back. If we did happen to get a bit of a late start (no complaints here!), then we stop off at the Lost Abbey beer tasting room. Honestly, it’s my incentive for being lazy in the morning; timing the ride for a noon beer on their patio is a great cap to an awesome ride with friends. Completely chilled out and relaxed.


San Diego in general is a very yoga, surfy kind of place. Many of our friends are instructors at the dozens of studios around town, so after we’ve unwound from the morning’s activities, it’s fun to catch a noon yoga class to completely zen out. I’ve found it’s amazing decompression after a ride and perfect for stretching my sore muscles. Usually, our choice is a restorative class at our new favorite spot, Gather Yoga studio; a super mellow hour of holding only about a half-dozen poses for five minutes each. It’s not uncommon for me to fall asleep. There are no set class prices, as it’s only donation based with a portion of sales going to a local charity. The community aspect of yoga is inspiring, we always see different types of people practicing and creating athletic balance in their lives.



Packing the ice chest full of cold beverages, picking up sandwiches from the local grocer and heading down to the beach is the next thing on the agenda. It’s really the only thing on the agenda at this point in my perfect day. We never forget the SUPs (stand-up paddleboards) and pups when we head to any number of close beaches, Swami's, Beacon's or Moonlight. Sometimes we even bring a volleyball to take me back to my roots and jumping around in the sand is great for explosiveness in the legs. A beach towel nap invariably ensues.

As we watch the sun disappear over the Pacific Ocean, we’re already dreaming up Sunday’s adventures when all of a sudden I hear my phone ping me. It’s that group text chain again with a friend asking, “What’s the plan for tomorrow?” The negotiations begin...

Can life really get any better than this?

Stay tuned for Megan’s perfect day, winter style from Salt Lake City coming soon - in the meantime, tell us about your perfect day!

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