Recipe — Green Machine Smoothie By Jordan Mazur


Jordan oversees all nutrition-related services for athletes of the San Francisco 49ers football team. That means he’s leading every aspect of the sports nutrition program with the goal of enhancing performance and recovery through optimal nutrition — on-field game nutrition, post-workout recovery, and day-to-day meal planning and operating all fall into the role. We regularly hear Jordan mention how a key part of the job is developing a strong relationship with his athletes and meeting them where they are.

Developing great smoothie recipes to match his players’ taste preferences and dietary needs is one of the ways Jordan gets creative. He’s shared one of his favorites for us here. If you’re looking for a thick, filling, and nutrient-dense smoothie recipe, this one checks every box.


Jordan uses this smoothie as a post-workout shake for his athletes. It also makes for a great snack between training sessions or as a stand-alone breakfast.

TOTAL: 395 cal / 12g F / 49g C / 29g P

Nutrition info per serving Serving Size (16 oz.)

DIRECTIONS: Combine all ingredients and blend till smooth. Add ice as desired.

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