Same Great Product, Now With A New Company Name: Topical Edge Becomes Amp Human Performance

We’ve been working on this for quite a while now, and you’ve probably already heard the rumors, but it’s official—As of October 1st Topical Edge has officially changed it's name to Amp Human Performance! We are excited about this change, as it will allow us to convey more clearly our dedication to amplifying human performance both now and in the future. Currently, the one product in our line, PR Lotion, and its proven technology that improves performance and reduces post-workout soreness will continue to be the same great product, with zero changes.  

We’ve dreamed of using PR Lotion's breakthrough technology in additional products that could further amplify the human body. As new offerings find their way into the line you can rest assured each will be aimed at helping the body function better by giving it more of what it naturally needs. With each new release, we guarantee the same level of immediate impact and genuine effectiveness you experience with PR Lotion.

PR Lotion will remain at the forefront of our product line and we will continue to optimize the formula until there's nothing left to improve. We hope you enjoy the new Amp site, which will be updated over the coming months to continually reflect our pursuit of amplifying human performance.

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