The Merger and the Future



In June, Amp Human merged with Momentous to create the new Momentous. Amp Human co-founders Jeff Byers and Erica Good are here along with writer, Phil White to speak more about the exciting future.

For context, moving forward, both brands will align under the name Momentous and you will continue to receive the same best-in-class products, plus even better innovation thanks to our partnership.

Show Notes:

1:30 - How Jeff & Erica Met. “We learned how to put a tool out there that would allow athletes to get the most from their bodies and we really continued on that pathway into building Amp Human."

11:00 - PR Lotion for All Athletes. “Having a body is the universal part of the experience. As a human, you have a body and what you’re able to get from that body influences everything - it influences your happiness, what can you do.”

17:30 - Merger. “How do we create a system-based approach to human performance that takes some of those core puzzle pieces and starts building them together. We want to build a foundation for that athlete that’s always improving or trying to level up.”

31:00 - Scientific Evidence, Peer Reviews, & A Complete Company. “We have a good combination of artists and soldiers.”

41:00 - Positives of the Past Year. “More people were continuous or thinking about their health more broadly. They were thinking more about their immune system - they were thinking more about sleep. Overall, people were thinking more consistently about their wellness.”

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