Topical Edge Announced as Official Partner of USA Cycling

Company will supply USA Cycling members with clinically proven, peer reviewed Performance and Recovery Lotion for training and racing

Topical Edge has come a long way in just a year and a half, and one of the latest milestones is forming a partnership with USA Cycling to get Performance & Recovery Lotion in the hands, and on the legs, of USA Cycling members and National Team riders.

“Working with USA Cycling athletes is an important step for our young brand,” said Topical Edge General Manager Jeff Byers. “After being validated in the lab through a clinical trial and now peer reviewed, it’s a natural and exciting step for us to work closely with so many of the country’s cyclists representing the US.”

Since hitting the market in late 2016, Topical Edge’s Performance & Recovery Lotion has gone from being an unknown product in the sporting world to now being the go-to for athletes in training and competition. Top athletes in numerous sports have become consistent PR Lotion users after realizing the real benefits provided by the sodium bicarbonate lotion, benefits that were proven in a clinical trial that has now been peer reviewed and accepted to be published.

“We are looking forward to this relationship with Topical Edge”, said Scott Schnitzspahn, Vice President of Elite Athletics for USA Cycling. “This partnership will allow riders and racers alike to have the chance to use the product as they work to improve their training and overall performance.”

PR Lotion’s patented delivery technology allows athletes to get the proven benefits of acid-buffering sodium bicarbonate directly through the skin and into the muscles without the side effects associated with oral supplementation. A clinical trial conducted at San Diego State University with 20 elite cyclists, which has now been peer reviewed and accepted to be published, found that test subjects using PR Lotion experienced:

  • Faster recovery with 53% reduction in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • 3.1% lower heart rate during one-hour time trial
  • 2.6% lower rate of perceived exertion at the same workload

A separate study by Source Endurance also found that subjects could complete 20% more high-intensity intervals prior to exhaustion.

As part of the relationship, all USA Cycling members receive a discounted rate on PR Lotion while National Team riders have complete access to it for racing and training.

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