Watch: Cameron Wurf, IRONMAN World Championship Bike Course Record Holder

Before becoming a professional cyclist, Cameron Wurf represented Australia at the 2004 Athens Olympics in rowing. Now just about a year removed from the pro peloton, Wurf is a professional triathlete and the IRONMAN World Championship bike course record holder.

Clearly Wurf knows what kind of training it takes to compete at the highest level, no matter the discipline. He loves to train hard with big volume blocks that make race days seem like just another day at the office. 

Since first trying PR Lotion, he's leaned on it for his biggest days on the calendar so he can train harder and recover faster, preparing him for unprecedented speeds at IRONMAN races around the globe. 

"I've been testing it often in training and I've found that it's actually the go to when I'm having a really tough day, I throw it on the legs," Wurf continued, "PR Lotion really is a bit of a game changer."

Check out the full conversation on his training below:

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