PR Lotion Starter Kit - $30 and Free Shipping pr lotion bottle bottle back packet front packet back lotion on leg lotion on thigh bottle in use bottle on ground
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PR Lotion Starter Kit - $30 and Free Shipping

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PR Lotion is designed to maximize your training and recovery by unlocking bicarb, a natural electrolyte that improves muscle function and helps you combat fatigue during hard workouts.

Get more from every training session with PR lotion. Kit includes 1 bottle and 5 on-the-go packets which combined support up to 20 workouts.

Limit 1 per customer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1830 reviews
Richard Simone
Amazing Company

Thankful for your prompt service 🚴‍♂️👍

Scott Moorefield

Really works!

Gary Stafford

PR Lotion Bottle

I’d rather keep it a secret

I’m usually a skeptical person but I can attest I don’t go on a ride with out it !

Jeff Skokan
PR lotion

Speedy service love the product 5 Stars!

Eric Douglass
Works !!

I have various sore areas that I rub AMP on, sometimes before bed and many times before exercising, etc. I have tried other lotions but none work to relieve like AMP lotion !!

Kristine Banks-Smith
You don't know what you have till it's gone

When I initially tried the lotion, I didn't feel much difference, so once I ran out, I stopped using it. When I stopped using the lotion, I realized I was sorer after workouts and at times not as strong finishing workouts as when I had while using AMP PR lotion. As a result, I'm back on it, and use the lotion for intense or long workouts, sometimes post an intense workout, and races, including winning USAT Nationals this year. AMP PR Lotion is now part of my essential training tool kit.

Regalado Aspuria

This stuff works

Jill Veitch

Awesome product!!

Mike Cruz
PR lotion

Very good product it been useful during training for a marathon.