Essential Plant-Based Protein Essential Plant-Based Protein Essential Plant-Based Protein Essential Plant-Based Protein Essential Plant-Based Protein

Essential Plant-Based Protein

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Momentous Essential Plant-based protein is sourced from a precise 70:30 blend of pea and rice proteins - the combination of which yields a complete amino acid profile. The higher concentration of pea protein is thanks to its high content of leucine - the amino acid most important in signaling muscle repair. Best of all - Essential Plant-based tastes amazing, and mixes easily in water, almond milk, smoothies and other recipes.

20 servings / bag

  • Supports muscle mass and strength.
  • Easily digested and easy to add to baked goods or smoothies.
  • Accelerates recovery when taken post-exercise.
Why we are different.
  • A complete protein
    Unlike many other plant-based proteins, this one provides a complete profile of all nine essential amino acids not made by the body.
  • Third-Party Tested
    Is NSF and Informed Sport certified, which are the highest quality certification a supplement can receive.
  • Unrivaled Taste and Texture
    Mixes easily and tastes great in water, almond milk, smoothies or other recipes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Peter Tangel
BEST protein on the market

taste better than any protein I’ve ever had + quality ingredients = my favorite protein blend on the market

David Goodyear
Essential chocolate

awesome taste!

Nickolas F.
Best Protein

By far the best protein I've ever had - taste and digestion.

Easy on stomach

Whey products were just too hard on my stomach. Made the switch to plan and feeling great. No more bubble gut and tastes great with almond milk!

Birgit V
Good for Cooking

I like to cook with protein powder (in pancakes, cookies, and bread) and low-quality proteins always burn or taste terrible. Momentous AbsoluteZero plant makes mixes with great consistency and tastes amazing!

Alvaro U.
Not like other plant proteins

Always hesitant to try plant proteins from stereotypes of poor taste. AZ Plant is delicious in just water!

Leo B.
Love this Protein

I've switched to using whey protein after being unsatisfied with the current plant options in the market. The new Momentous Plant Based formula tipped my preference back toward the flower power!

Naima T.
never use whey or casein protein again.

I ordered the Vanilla Chai and Chocolate Absolute Zero and mmm, it's some of the most delicious protein powder I've ever had. So much easier on the GI too being plant protein. I'll honestly never use whey or casein protein again.

Zachariah H.
Great Vegan Option

High quality vegan protein that tastes great. I prefer the vegan option to whey which tends to upset my stomach.

Tina B.
Hands Plant Protein I've tried!

By far...the taste is truly out of this world. Some plant based proteins are tough to take down...and you have to mask them with a ton of other stuff in the smoothies in order to drink them. Not this one. Fantastic. Hooked on Momentous!