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A convenient post-workout formula designed to kickstart the recovery process after workouts like running, weightlifting, cycling and other intense training. Momentous Recovery uses the same grass-fed whey isolate as our Essential Grass-fed Whey Protein, combined with quality carbohydrates to replenish energy and improve recovery. We’ve also included key amino acids like glutamine and L-Carnitine and high-quality electrolytes.

15 servings/bag 

  • Improve recovery after workouts.
  • Restore gluatamine levels, which supports healthy digestive and immune system function.
  • Improve oxygen uptake, and decrease average oxygen consumption, heart rate, and lactic acid.
Why we are different.
  • 2:1 protein to carb ratio
    Many recovery formulas use a ratio of 1:3 or even 1:4 - our philosophy was to include just enough carbs to raise blood sugar and decrease cortisol, thereby increasing the absorption of amino acids and improving muscle recovery.
  • L-Glutamine
    Is critical to a healthy digestive and immune system function, as well as the healing of injuries and muscle cell repair. Prolonged periods of physical stress can deplete glutamine levels, so we include a whopping 5g in every serving.
  • L-Carnitine
    Has been shown to benefit performance with studies showing improvements in running speed, maximal oxygen uptake, and decreases in average oxygen consumption, heart rate, and lactic acid.
  • Prohydrolase
    Is a blend of digestive enzymes clinically proven to increase absorption of amino acids in protein supplements - we use it all of our whey protein products.