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Magnesium supports more than 600 enzymatic processes, healthy cardiac and lung function, bone density, muscle tenderness and fatigue. Having adequate magnesium levels is necessary to help activate vitamin D

  • 120 capsules
  • Informed Choice and Sport Certified

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ray Landry III.
Magnesium is good

Do the research most people should be taking magnesium in the morning for muscle health as well as evenings to help with more restful sleep. Momentum brand has better quality magnesium then most competitors and that makes a difference

Richard Chambers


Madeleine Warner
It’s D+ for me

I love the D+ product because taking vitamin D orally disturbs my digestive system. Not so with applying the lotion topically.
It is perfect when paired with the Magnesium supplement. I like the results!
I am indifferent about the PR Lotion since I am not a performance athlete. I don’t think I appreciate the value of using it at this point.

Kenji Takanishi

This supplement is a great compliment to my day. I didnt know I needed this until I started taking it with the Vitamin D lotion.

Jim Golden
Helps with DOMS

-1 star for the new bottling.
I didn't like previous version either. The substance is so thick it's hard to get it out. Especially with how slippery your hands get applying it.