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About Momentous

Momentous was born out of a desire for change.

The supplement industry is filled with products that are disingenuous and hide behind misleading product claims. Our pursuit of perfection drove us to seek out the absolute best knowledge of nutritional supplements in order to be able to deliver products without fillers, inferior ingredients, or just plain bad stuff. Products that are certified safe, taste great and perform. Already, our first line of protein supplements is used in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA Division One, with more adopting us every day.

"The superiority of Momentous is rooted in it's ability to excel in three critical areas of protein powder supplementation: quality of raw ingredients, efficacious dosing of those nutrients, and a terrific stand-alone taste."

- Dave Scholz,Director of Football Strength & Conditioning at Utah State University

Meet our Performance Engineers

Learn more about the dieticians and trainers who design and test our products.

Performance Engineers

Meet our performance engineers, the training and nutrition experts who work with the most elite athletes in the world and help us design perfect products.

Tim Caron

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Allegiate

View Tim's Profile

Jordan Mazur MS/RD

Coordinator of Nutrition, San Francisco 49ers

View Jordan's Profile

Brandon McDaniel

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Los Angeles Dodgers

View Brandon's Profile

Mike Potenza

Director of Strength and Conditioning, San Jose Sharks and Managing Partner, TFP

View Mikes's Profile

Dave Scholz

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Texas Tech Football

View Dave's Profile

Mark Uyeyama

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Minnesota Vikings

View Mark's Profile

Science is Complicated, Supplements Should Be Simple

If you can’t tell how much of each ingredient was used or why they were used to begin with, how can you choose the best product for your clients?


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"Momentous offers top quality, NSF Certified for Sport protein powders that can be included in healthy fueling strategies for elite level athletes."

- Mary Ellen Kelly, Board Certified Sports Dietitian