Bryan Doo

Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Boston Celtics / Owner of Optimal Fitness: Professionals in Health & Human Performance / Consultant on Product Design and Research for New Balance


Bryan Doo is entering his 11th season as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Boston Celtics and has consulted and trained various NHL, EPL, Olympic and elite athletes. He also served as the Wellness Director at the Harvard Business School from 1998-2001, and a coach at Harvard University.

Brian is the founder of Optimal Fitness which specializes in home personal training, speed and agility camps for high school and collegiate athletes, post physical therapy and site management of Corporate fitness facilities. He’s also a Co-owner of VO2 breathe, LLC a Metabolic fitness company pairing precise physiological data with professional training focusing on getting athletes biologically fit. He also enjoys speaking regarding sports & athletic development, injury prevention and team training at local and national conferences, as well as participating as a regular lecturer at Brown University as part of the Exercise Physiology / Biomechanics course.

What do you think are the three most important factors to being physically fit?
1 - Recovery would be first as there are multiple parts to this. You can never be physically fit or know if you are physically fit if you are tired (lack of sleep), sore (bad recovery plan), putting bad things in your body (recovery shakes are important to our athletes) or burnt out (over training). Figuring out what your body needs to recover goes a long way to get yourself the most physically fit you can.
2 - Training with a High intensity, which allows you to break through peaks and challenge your body to reach your highest athletic potential. Having high intensity workouts also prepare your body for the everyday activities and stresses of life.
3 - Consistency is what allow the best to become the best. Committing the time FOR YOURSELF and being discipline enough to be consistent is a big factor in someone’s success.

Describe your sports journey. How did you begin?
I have always played sports and got into the field of training athletes, as I felt as though I could have used someone to lead me in the right direction. I played football, baseball, wrestling and volleyball in High school and kept switching sports. Played lacrosse, club volleyball and wrestled in college, but still played more off time sports. I needed someone to direct me, as I wanted to everything. I taught water skiing, love to snow ski, snowboard, surf and still play ice hockey. After working with an Ultimate Frisbee player, I picked Ultimate up and was lucky enough to play on the team that represented the US in the world championships. I have always trained because it has always felt right and helping give direction to athletes is my calling.

How would you like to grow in the athletic sphere in the future?
I really love what I do and live for the athlete interactions. I can see myself moving on to a college environment, as the travel is hard to do with a family. I probably would move into a teaching role with more strength coaches and more athletes.