Meet the High Lifers.

Live Momentous

High Performance is a Way of Life.

Here’s to an all out, loving every moment, elevated existence.
That so-high-on-life that anything is possible life.
Not just lifting to be big, running to be thin, or working to be rich.
This is about sprinkling rocket fuel on your fire
And making more of those amazing moments
This is where you realize performance is your secret to ultimate happiness
Where challenge becomes a lifestyle.
So get knocked down, get back up, and keep laughing.
Because your greatest highs, rise from your greatest tests.
And you’re always hungry for more.
Because it matters.
Because high performance is a way of life.
Because you do more than just live—You Live Momentous.

Bijan Heravi


Sara Hendershot


Alex Honnold


Sergio Gaytan


Ben True


Kieffer Christianson


Tim Ritchie


Kyle Hartzell


Meredith June Edwards


Emily Durgin


Katrina Coogan


Abbey D'Agnostino


Lianne Farber


Liz Costello