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Momentous Collagen Shot: Improve Joint and Tissue Health with the First Collagen Product Designed for an Active Lifestyle.

Momentous Collagen Shot: Improve Joint and Tissue Health with the First Collagen Product Designed for an Active Lifestyle.

Momentous — the industry leader used by 150+ professional and collegiate sports teams, backed by 6 innovation contracts with the Department of Defense, and possessor of clinically validated, patented products — has unveiled Collagen Shot: the first and only collagen gel that's made for people on the go. With no need for messy powders or confusing serving suggestions, this revolutionary product makes taking collagen easy and it tastes great. Collagen Shot completely transforms the performance, delivery, and effectiveness of collagen supplementation.

"We're incredibly excited about this innovation. Collagen Shot continues to put us at the forefront of human optimization. Collagen products today aren’t practical for those looking to improve longevity and their connective tissue health. That’s why we made the first individually packaged collagen that’s designed for practicality and performance. We want everyone to improve their joint health, recover faster, and train harder." said Jeff Byers, CEO and co-founder of Momentous, and former NFL player. "This is innovation meets utilization. We believe this product will revolutionize injury prevention and training in pro sports leagues, college locker rooms, and gyms across North America."

The unique formulation and form factor of Momentous Collagen Shot allows for collagen to be easily consumed 30-60 minutes before exercise. Proper timing allows Collagen Shot to truly enhance the health of joints, cartilage, and soft tissue of those looking to improve their health and overall well-being. 

Collagen also has the added benefit of improved skin, hair, and nail health and has proven a potent tool in the fight to reduce signs of aging. The performance-based formula, great taste, and simple delivery methods are the most significant development in collagen supplementation since its inception. 

Momentous Collagen Shot has proven popular with professional and collegiate sports teams already, who pre-ordered 25% of the available product before it even launched. Why? Innovation, best in class design around the form factor, and ease of use. 

Beyond the locker room, Momentous Collagen shot was awarded an innovation contract from the United States Air Force. This is the 6th innovation contract awarded to Momentous, with the potential for more on the horizon. The armed forces will continue to study its impactful benefits through rigorous testing and data collection.

Momentous Collagen Shots are now available for a single purchase and monthly subscription. They can be found here.