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This is our

This is our obsession.

We never wanted to start a supplement company. Doing it the way we wanted seemed almost impossible. There are too many choices, filled with questionable ingredients, incomplete labels, and frankly, just don't work. We never wanted to be a supplement company, but we felt we had no choice.

We started Momentous to curate the best that science has to offer and push for more. We want to ensure that our supplements use the best ingredients possible while striving for better; and to ensure that everything produced is held to the same standard of excellence demanded from Olympic teams and professional leagues.

We are all high performers—some of us athletes, but all of us are obsessed with how we get the most from our bodies, live healthier and longer, and show up as our best every day.

We call our obsession “The Momentous Standard”—it’s our code that guides every decision we make.  Keep pushing.


in action.

We work with the best in human performance, from elite athletes and their coaches to leading Ph.D.s, research laboratories, and government institutions. Together, we are shaping the understanding of human performance, from research to clinical studies to working directly with our customers to translate science into real-world impact.


Only the essentials.

We use the highest-quality ingredients possible and formulate using the latest science on effective dosing. Nothing is hidden behind vague or mysterious labels like “proprietary blends” or mystery titles; if it’s in our formula, it’s on the label. We also source from the highest-quality partners, conducting rigorous reviews and audits of their production practices.


Rigorous testing.

Momentous products are held to the standards set by the most demanding organizations in the world, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and Olympic Committee. This rigorous process is the ultimate quality check, ensuring we consistently deliver on our promise, no matter how many batches we’ve produced.

"The proof is in the people we work with from professional organizations and teams, billion-dollar companies, the U.S. military, and top experts and advisors in the world."

- Jeff Byers, CEO and Founder of Momentous

Expert Endorsed

In our relentless pursuit of peak human performance, we've curated a team like no other. With expertise spanning from the Department of Defense to NFL players to neurology experts, this collective offers unparalleled insights into unlocking the potential for greatness.

Dr. Andy Galpin