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Momentous Announces Premier Partnership with My Sports Dietitian

Momentous Announces Premier Partnership with My Sports Dietitian

My Sports Dietitian teams up with Momentous as a premier partner to promote optimal performance and outstanding education to athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, and strength coaches. 

Momentous — a leader in human performance through supplementation and nutrition — announced today that they will partner with My Sports Dietitian to deliver research-based education to the high school, college, and professional markets. My Sports Dietitian offers easy-to-implement tools and sports nutrition programs for Athletic Trainers, Coaches, Personal Trainers, and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. They also offer a best-in-class app, called Eat 2 Win Nutrition, which provides custom meal plans, educational videos, podcasts, sleep, wellness trackers and more. 

Together, Momentous and My Sports Dietitian will collaborate to bridge the gap between science and practice with an evidence based approach. “Our goal is to provide cutting edge information to a broad audience of professionals who desire to transfer science into practice and make a difference with their athletes,” said Tavis Piattoly, Co-founder of My Sports Dietitian. “The goal through this sponsorship is to empower athletes to maximize performance and overall health through their programs.”

Momentous believes that everyone should have access to the highest quality and innovative products on the market combined with the knowledge anda insights of why and how to use them. My Sports Dietitian joins that mission to expand the knowledge base of sports nutrition, and advance it through cutting edge topics presented by some of the best presenters in the discipline of sports nutrition.

"The opportunity to partner with My Sports Dietitian in delivering research-based education to the high school, college, and professional markets aligns with our mission as a company to deliver research-backed products and education to the same groups of people, whether they be strength coaches, dietitians or sports medicine professionals. Within this group, what particularly impressed me is their focus on the high school athlete. So much can be learned at a young age about proper nutrition (a food-first approach), and supplementation and how it impacts not only the performance aspects of youth sports but what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. That is a lesson that can be carried with them throughout their entire lives,” says Momentous VP of Team Sales, Chris DiSanto. 

About My Sports Dietitian

My Sports Dietitian is today’s solution for improving an athlete's strength, performance and body composition through a food first approach. My Sports Dietitian believes in a food first approach to improving sports performance. Through their team of Sport Dietitians, they deliver outstanding products and services that support and empower their ever-growing community of Athletes, Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Strength/Conditioning Specialists and Parents. Learn more at

About Momentous

Momentous is a high performance supplement and sports nutrition company whose mission is to provide consumers with the highest quality and innovative products possible combined with the knowledge and insights of why and how to use them.  They have been awarded 6 innovation contracts from the Department of Defense to create human optimization products that can benefit our armed forces.  In addition, the Momentous product portfolio is actively purchased by over 150 professional and collegiate sports teams because they are formulated with scientifically backed and the highest quality ingredients, plus have been rigorously tested by independent 3rd parties, including NSF-Certified for Sport. The company is headquartered in Park City, Utah. Learn more at