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Momentous Moments: Blaine Welch



In the latest installment of Momentous Moments, we meet Blaine Welch, Director of Government at Momentous, whose career path has been a little different to most. As a former CIA agent, Blaine worked on clandestine operations around the world. As a result, he knows only too well what it takes to serve his country—and just how much more could be done to support servicemen and women, particularly when it comes to what they need from nutrition and supplements.

It’s one of many reasons why the father-of-three has so passionately taken on the role of Director of Government at Momentous. And it’s one of many reasons why he is now advocating for change at the highest levels. “ If we invested a fraction in the human body that we do in our hardware for our national defense efforts, imagine where we could be,” he says.

Blaine began working for the CIA shortly after 9/11 and says it was a career move that, understandably, “changed the trajectory for the rest of my life.”

His role took him all over the world, often following a grueling schedule that would see him travel through multiple time zones, working in extremely stressful environments on a limited amount of sleep. As a result, he says, being able to function at a high rate and at high capacity is extremely important.

“Survival can come down to attention to detail. If you're feeling tremendously fatigued—maybe you haven't had the ability to eat correctly or don’t have access to the nutrients that you need—that can absolutely hinder the way that you think and the way that you function.”

-Blaine Welch

He says: “The fact that I have friends that aren't with us here today. I have friends who have been affected by traumatic brain injury, that these effects and this way of life are permanent to them.”

Blaine is hopeful that through proper research, development, and support from the Department of Defense, "we can enhance those lives.”

“Ordinary people can obtain the products that they want and that they need to perform at their very best," he says. "But the fact this cannot be done within the military space today is a deficit to us. I feel that it is a risk to our national security.”

He adds: “That's why transitioning to Momentous made sense to me. To democratize high performance and bring these capabilities to our service members and to the rest of the government, well, I knew the stars had aligned. There’s something about serving in a capacity that supports the greater good, that there's a mission behind it.”

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