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Momentous Moments: Julie Swenson



Momentous Moments is a series that shines a spotlight on those who push what’s possible—whether they’re lacing up for a race or navigating menopause. Today, we introduce you to Julie Swenson, a Momentous customer who, in her 50s, decided to leave a successful career as a mortgage broker to become a functional nutrition coach and help other women thrive during menopause. Keep reading to learn all about Julie’s inspiring story, her Momentous routine, and more.

If you ask Julie Swenson, a 53-year-old mortgage broker and devoted Momentous customer, what the secret to a fulfilling life is, she’d probably tell you with confidence: Doing what makes you happy.

It’s an approach that Julie has been recently and adamantly following herself. After serving as a mortgage broker for 27 years, Julie has switched gears and is pursuing a career in functional nutrition—a move that stemmed from experiencing menopause symptoms she hoped she could overcome with natural solutions. If she felt this way, she thought, other women her age were likely also craving support that’s rooted in nature and backed by science.

“Women need to know that you don't have to live like this,” Julie says, recalling the a-ha moment that led to her career change. “I just started putting two and two together and I'm like, ‘I don't think mortgage is my calling. I don't think that's what I was put on this earth to do.’” She adds, “My goal is to help women going through this stage in their life.”

She would go on to complete a course in functional diagnostic nutrition, and hopes to pass her board certifications to solidify her credentials and cement her status as a coach to women facing wellness milestones.

Despite having always led an active lifestyle, Julie is pushing what’s possible by going full throttle with her passion. Not only is she working towards becoming a women’s health coach, but the 53-year-old also recently competed in a bikini fitness competition, further fueling her desire to do more and be more at any age. “It’s really just about learning how to impress yourself,” she says.

In short, reconnecting with your body and embracing its most vital role—nourishing you from the inside out through nutrition—should always be prioritized, according to Julie. She recommends visualizing and addressing the inner workings of your body, so it’s less of a foreign concept and more approachable in your mind.

“I picture my little mitochondria as little minions,” she says. “When I feed them good food, they say, ‘Yay!’ and when I feed them something bad, they say, ‘No!’ I just picture my body like that … I look at food as fuel, and I want to share that [idea] with other people.”

Julie, who first discovered Momentous while listening to Andrew Huberman’s Huberman Lab podcast, incorporates our best-in-class supplements into her daily routine to help fuel her every movement, whether she’s training for a competition or gearing up for a coaching session.

“In the mornings, I always fuel right away with Vital Aminos, then Creatine. I always drink water every morning and L-Glutamine,” she shares. “Then I take Tongkat Ali and Fadogia Agrestis .” When it comes to winding down, the newly minted health coach opts for Brain Drive + Elite Sleep.

The result? A well-rounded routine that helps Julie reach her fullest potential amid every memorable moment in her life.

About the author

Grace Gavilanes

Grace Gavilanes is a writer-editor with over 10 years of experience in the wellness and lifestyle space. Her writing has been published in PeopleWell + GoodGlamourFood & Wine, and more.