Dr. Andy Galpin is a world-class Scientist, Coach, and Teacher. His mission to enhance the human condition by providing the world with health, human performance, and nutrition education. Andy is a full-time Professor at CSU Fullerton and Director of the Center for Sport Performance.

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Why Momentous?

"Momentous is a leading human performance company, and human performance is my jam. Moving the field forward is really what we're after with this partnership. Athletic performance and using science so that we're more precise is the goal; we are looking to achieve results more effectively and efficiently." - Dr. Andy Galpin


Andy's Favorite Products

Andy Galpin's Athletic Resilience Bundle


Andy Galpin's Athletic Resilience Bundle


Andy Galpin's Athletic Resilience Bundle Includes:¬†Grass-Fed Whey Protein¬†(Choice between vanilla and chocolate)¬†Momentous Essential Protein is the highest quality whey protein on the market. Our grass-fed whey isolate is cold-processed to preserve native protein structures, and optimized with a clinically-proven enzyme blend to support digestion and absorption of amino acids and¬†minimize GI upset. ‚ĆRecoveryMomentous Recovery is a post-workout formula designed to kickstart the recovery process. The perfect compliment to your post-workout routine - ideal for use after activities like weight lifting, running, cycling, and other intense training. Each serving contains 20g of grass fed whey¬†isolate protein, plus 10g of carbohydrates to replenish energy and increase absorption of key nutrients. To further optimize the recovery process, we added glutamine, carnitine, and highly absorbable magnesium creating a unique and complete recovery formula.¬†‚Ć Collagen PeptidesMomentous Collagen Peptides deliver 11.6 grams of grass-fed collagen peptides, a full dose of FORTIGEL¬ģ - a patented, clinically researched collagen peptide source designed to promote collagen synthesis in tendons and ligaments, and Vitamin C to increase the strength and amount of collagen formed.¬†‚ĆMagnesium ThreonateMomentous Magnesium Threonate supports brain health and normal cognitive function, containing 2 grams of Magtein¬ģ per serving. Magnesium Threonate is a highly bioavailable magnesium demonstrated to cross the blood-brain barrier and support brain health.‚ĆZinc Picolinate¬†Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in many bodily functions, including the immune system and wound healing. It's also necessary for almost 300 enzymes to carry out crucial chemical reactions in the body. Zinc picolinate is a more bioavailable form of zinc, allowing your body to absorb it more easily.‚Ć

What sets us apart

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Pro Team & Athlete Adoption

150+ paying team customers in professional and NCAA sports. 72% of NFL teams consistently buy and stock Momentous products in their locker room. We are honored to work with world record holders, Super Bowl champs, Tour de France winners and Olympians.

Trusted by & Used by the Best

Science-backed & Best in Class

The Momentous product portfolio consists of products with deep scientific backing, direct clinical proof, patents and patented ingredients. Plus they have been designed by performance experts in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA and are tested rigorously by independent 3rd parties.

Trusted by & Used by the Best

U.S. Military Funding & Adoption

Momentous has been awarded 6 innovation and research contracts to further human performance and optimization by the Department of Defense. This funding has supported clinical research and product development enabling us to bring the best and innovative products and solutions to market.