Foundational Sleep Bundle

Foundational Sleep Bundle

The Foundational Sleep Bundle includes three potent ingredients, Magnesium Threonate, Apigenin, and L-Theanine, that prime your body for sleep and help you build a powerful nighttime routine. Designed with Dr. Andrew Huberman, the Foundational Sleep Bundle includes Magnesium Threonate, renowned for its unique ability to penetrate the brain and improve cognitive function; L-Theanine, which helps calm the nervous system by increasing the levels of key neurotransmitters; and Apigenin, which helps reduce feelings of stress and encourage higher-quality sleep by binding to receptors in the brain.

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What's Included

  • Magnesium L-Threonate

  • Apigenin

  • L-Theanine

What to Expect with Foundational Sleep Bundle

When to Use
1 x serving size of each Daily 30-60 minutes prior to sleep
Onset Time
Many individuals report improved sleep within the first few days but consistent use over weeks maximizes the benefits.
Expected Results
Cognitive Function Sleep Quality
These three ingredients help your body and mind prepare for a restful sleep and let you fully relax into an uninterrupted night's rest.

Ingredients We Can Be Proud of

Ingredients We Can Be Proud of
Ingredients We Can Be Proud of
Ingredients We Can Be Proud of

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