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Meet Momentous Partner and Sleep Expert Dr. Allison Brager

Meet Momentous Partner and Sleep Expert Dr. Allison Brager

Dr. Allison Brager is a lot of things. She’s a Neuroscientist, a CrossFit Games athlete, an American Soldier, and an author. Her job now entails collecting science data in realistic settings for the military, which means she was on the road for 264 days last year. In an episode of the “Be Momentous” series, Allison shows us what it looks like to simultaneously be a Neuroscientist and an Athlete who prioritizes sleep no matter how busy she gets.

About Dr. Allison Brager:

"We know this from over a hundred years of study now - unless you get good adequate sleep again, your whole body breaks down. Your brain breaks down. And it’s not just that at a system-level, it’s individual cells within your body start dying off and becoming unhealthy. It’s everything. I travel basically to collect science and data in realistic settings for the military. In order to develop and test new ideas in the lab, we have to understand what it looks like in real life." -Dr. Allison Brager

In addition to her accomplishments in medicine and as an athlete, Dr. Allison Brager is also an expert on sleep. Utilizing her neuroscience background, Dr. Brager has worked as a performance engineer with Momentous to develop sleep products. In the video series below, she shares with us what the brain is doing when sleep occurs and the science behind sleep.

The Science of Sleep:

How Much Sleep Do You Need?:

Improve Your Nighttime Routine: