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Momentous Stories: How Army Officer Lance Mogard is Fueled by Momentous

Momentous Stories: How Army Officer Lance Mogard is Fueled by Momentous

Let's start with the basics. Could you introduce yourself and give us some background on your experience with Momentous?
I'm 37, born and raised in Iowa, and went to the University of Iowa. I was a football and baseball guy growing up, and then my body started to break down, so I transitioned more into endurance sports. I've also been in the Army now for 12 years. The breakdown with those kinds of things led me to the supplement game. I've always been one to jump around and never stick with any supplement company long-term, but I can tell you that Momentous is the only supplement company that I have stuck with for as long as I have. I've been using it for almost 2 years.

How did you get introduced to Momentous, and what makes you trust the brand for your sports nutrition needs?
I got introduced to Momentous employee Miguel Zeran, Director of Tactical Athlete Science. He told me all the work you guys have done with the Air Force Special Operations Command. He sent me a bunch of literature, which got me hooked. The level of dedication to an individual customer was astounding. Plus, almost all your stuff is NSF certified, which also protects us on the military side from contaminated products. The breadth of the product line has just exploded in the last 9 months, it is phenomenal and caters to a wide variety of athletes.

Being in the Army Special Operations committee, we have to be a jack-of-all-trades fitness-wise; it's not just one thing you're focusing on. Whether it's the common cognitive enhancement with the Brain Drive or the Collagen to keep your joints in your legs healthy or even your normal recovery products - it's awesome because you can find that niche you need anywhere in the product line. Couple that with the customer service you guys provide. I've never seen anything like it, so you know. Keep that up. I'll be a customer for life.

We'd love to know more about your journey and career path - you mentioned you've been in the Army for 12 years. What led you to join the Army?
I always wanted to do something service-related. I grew up in the 80s and Top Gun and Iron Eagle were my jam, so my parents were terrified that I would be a fighter pilot. Then I joined the Army; I ended up joining a little later in life. I was doing my Master's degree in International Affairs and the opportunity presented itself to do a two-year ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) program while I was doing my Master's Degree. So I ended up doing that and was commissioned when I was 26. Ever since then, it's been a fun ride for me with the Army.

Because fitness is such a big part of life there are only so many professions where you can get paid to work out. Being a professional athlete and then being in the military, those ideas have always been a draw for me. It continues to be a draw, and you know you're also around like-minded people.

You mentioned in a review on our site that you were in a bike accident and that Collagen was a helpful tool in the recovery process. Could you tell us about that injury?
I got hit by a car while I was doing military schooling in Newport, Rhode Island. I started using Collagen before that and noticed some differences in my joints, ligaments, and even my skin. I honestly believe Collagen had something to do with me being able to bounce back quicker and heal faster because I landed really hard on my hip. I was surprised that I didn't have more damage coming out of that, but from a product perspective, I was immediately hooked.

We also know from your reviews that you like to participate in Triathlon, when did you compete in your first Triathlon?
I was 22 when I completed my first one, so I've been doing it for fifteen years. My first one was The Nation's Triathlon in DC. I was 22 at the time, but I got bit by the bug after that. Then I just kept doing them. Cycling was my first passion and then running and swimming. I'm awful at swimming, so that's my worst discipline by far. But it's a great inclusive community. I love it. It's a lifestyle, and it keeps me grounded. And this is something to do outside of the military so that my sole identity isn't as a soldier, which is fun to have sometimes.

What does your supplement routine look like?
I can usually set my clock by my supplement routine. I use Momentous Recovery religiously no matter what I'm doing, whether it's a run or a swim that's always in my gym bag. And then the Collagen I used to take with coffee until I figured out that was not good for absorption. Now I'll do that with either my protein shake or I really like the Collagen Shots. I use PR Lotion on race day, or if it's just going to be hot outside, I found it that helps me. I'll put that on, and I feel like I sweat more with that, but I find that I'm less sore, which is the intended effect, and then I feel like I'm less dehydrated after, and I don't have as many cramps. In those Ironman races, I will get hamstring cramps a lot if I don't hydrate religiously.