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Momentous Proposes Military Sleep Solutions

Emma-Kate Lidbury


We all know just how significant sleep is to just about everything we do—and that significance is all the greater when you're serving on the front lines. Yet a recent study found that a "sizable majority" of U.S. service members are getting six hours or less of sleep a night. The GAO (Government Accountability Office) is calling for more to be done to safeguard the health and wellness of service personnel, as reported in The Washington Times 

Working to Address Sleep Deprivation

Momentous has recently submitted two proposals to the US Air Force AFWERX AFVentures that focus on sleep optimization. The first, under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, aims to address the significant challenge of sleep deprivation and stress among military personnel. This involves developing a new product that includes Magnesium L-ThreonateApigenin, and L-Theanine (the three ingredients used in Momentous Sleep), as well as the adaptogens Rhodiola Rosea and Ashwagandha.

It is hoped this could help a wide range of military personnel, from special operation forces who are unable to stay asleep due to stress or vivid dreams, through to security forces whose sleep is impacted by shift work and circadian rhythm disruption. 

Partnering with the Best

Erica Good, Co-Founder and President of Momentous, said: “These projects matter deeply to Momentous because improving sleep among military service members avoids accidents and reduces mission risk which preserves lives. Partnering with the best in sleep science to improve combat readiness and combat performance is both an honor and an opportunity to create impact.”

By creating a scientifically backed sleep aid, this work seeks to mitigate the negative impacts that insufficient sleep has on service members’ cognitive function, decision-making capabilities, and overall health. This proposal involves a partnership with the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and is spearheaded by Col. Vincent Mysliwiec, MD (US Army Retired). 

Developing New Sleep Protocols

The second proposal, submitted under the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program, brings together the collaborative strengths of academia and industry to devise a holistic approach to improving military resilience and readiness. The goal of the partnership is to develop non-habit-forming, novel sleep protocols to help redefine the standards of health and wellness support provided to our armed forces. The involvement of Dr. Mysliwiec, a figure renowned for his deep understanding of the health challenges faced by military personnel, ensures the project is anchored in expert clinical insights. 

Blaine Welch, Director of Government at Momentous, said: “We are dedicated to addressing sleep issues within the military because quality sleep is crucial for maintaining optimal brain health and cognitive function, which are essential for the high-performance demands and resilience of military personnel.”

Emma-Kate Lidbury

Emma-Kate Lidbury

Emma-Kate Lidbury is the Content Director at Momentous and a journalist and editor with 20 years of experience in the health and fitness world.