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Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola Rosea is a perennial flowering plant that grows in arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. Delivered in 100% root powder form, Momentous Rhodiola Rosea supports stress and fatigue mitigation. Beyond combating overall fatigue, this powerful adaptogen has been shown to enhance overall cognition and aerobic performance. 

60 Serving Supply

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Through its adaptogenic properties, Rhodiola Rosea reduces mental and physical fatigue as well as stress and anxiety. With a long history of medicinal use that dates back centuries, this compound has also been shown to improve mental and aerobic performance, particularly under stressful conditions. Emerging research has revealed that Rhodiola Rosea may even have antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits.


Rhodiola Rosea acts as an adaptogen, which helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Although the exact mechanisms are not currently understood, Rhodiola Rosea seems to mitigate stress through cortisol regulation. The main bioactive compounds rosavin and salidroside work to regulate cortisol which has a cascading effect in multiple areas at the systemic and cellular level including testosterone balance, anxiety and even sleep.

How to use

Serving Size: One 100mg capsule per serving. Take one in the morning and one at midday or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Train Harder, Perform Stronger, Recover Faster


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