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Collagen Shot is Back & Better Than Ever

Collagen Shot is Back & Better Than Ever

At Momentous, we're always looking to innovate. Researching better ingredients, creating sustainable packaging, and releasing cutting-edge products gets us out of bed in the morning. 

Earlier this year, our team made a new product that we thought, just maybe, had a chance to be something revolutionary. 

We were blown away by the response.

It turns out this new product barely even reached consumers.

Why? Because seven months' worth of supply sold out in just seven weeks. Most of which were bought by teams in the five major sports leagues for their players. 

No problem, we thought - "We'll just make more!"

The pro teams bought it all. Again. Before it was even made.

Turns out NFL players ingest more collagen than they do film tape. Who knew?

Our Momentous Collagen Shot was officially a hit. 

Here's the good news:

We're finally ready for re-release, with some added improvements. After taking feedback from our experts and customers, we changed the sweetener used in the previous shots from sucralose to organic cane sugar to enhance flavor. And this time we've made enough product for everybody looking to reduce injuries, speed recovery, and improve their long-term health.

To be honest, we had no idea our Collagen Shot would be this popular. Maybe we should have anticipated it, considering it's a revolutionary product that transforms collagen supplementation's performance, delivery, and effectiveness.

Collagen's effect on soft tissue development, joint health, and skin elasticity is well documented. But, where Momentous Collagen Shot changes the game is its delivery method.

We heard from people who were sick of messy powders and trying to figure out how to lug around supplement tubs. Collagen Shot was made for them. It's the first collagen gel that's both easy to use and great tasting. Not only is it mobile and user-friendly, but it also delivers results. Throw it in your gym bag, fanny pack, or side-pouch – It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

When using our unique formulation of our Collagen Shot 30-60 minutes before exercise, collagen synthesis drastically increases. And the added Vitamin-C allows for better absorption into joints and soft tissue.

  • Great taste.
  • Better absorption.
  • Easy delivery method.
  • Rigorous product testing. 
  • NSF Certified for Sport certification.
  • Protected from pro teams so everyone can have some. 

All of this adds to the most significant development in collagen supplementation since its inception. If you're looking to enhance your Collagen, now is the time. 

Momentous Collagen Shot is now (finally) available.