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Product Certification: What it Means for You and Your Performance

Product Certification: What it Means for You and Your Performance

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You'll find countless supplements on the market that claim to improve athletic performance, enhance recovery, and promote muscle growth. With so many options available, knowing which products are safe and effective and which manufacturers' products to choose can be challenging. 

But it gets worse. U.S. laws allow companies to market dietary supplements without any sort of FDA approval for safety. 

We believe that's a fundamental issue in our industry.

At Momentous, we take performance and our products seriously. We know people of all levels of activity trust us to provide safe and effective products. We often see items on the market that make claims they can't back up or, worse – are dangerous. That's why we've gone the extra mile to get certifications that show we're committed to the highest manufacturing quality & safety standards.

Here's the info you need on our NSF Certified for Sport and Informed Sport Certifications – Who they are, how they test, and what it means for you.


NSF Certified for Sport

NSF International's Certified for Sport program aims to meet the demands of athletes, coaches, and team dieticians. NSF International is an independent and accredited non-governmental organization whose mission is to protect and improve global human health. 

NSF Certified for Sport is required for almost every professional sports team. A team won't spend a dime on products that don't have the NSF Certified for Sport certification. With Momentous products lining the lockers of major sports teams across the globe, it's obvious why we work hard to maintain this vital certification.

What does it take to get NSF Certified for Sport certification? It's no easy task. It starts with bi-annual audits of our manufacturing facility to check for quality and safety. It continues with a full toxicological review of ingredients and verification that the product meets the claims and contents shown on our label. NSF also tests for harmful levels of contaminants, such as heavy metals and pesticides. Finally, every product is screened for more than 280 banned substances.

NSF also certifies that the product inside matches the claims on our packaging. All this testing ensures those using our products can focus on performance and not worry about trace minerals or harmful ingredients. 


Informed Sport Certification

But, we go one step further. We also have Informed Sport certification for many of our products. Informed Sport is a certification program for sports supplements that undergoes regular testing for banned substances by one of the world's leading anti-doping labs.

Informed Sport certification is recognized by numerous professional and elite sports organizations – and with good reason. 

Their rigorous four-step certification process starts with a complete product and manufacturing review, which includes: 

  • Quality systems and audits
  • Staff training in cross-contamination prevention
  • Raw materials
  • Raw material supplier assessment procedures
  • Traceability & recall procedures

Then samples of our products are sent for testing using ISO 17025 accredited prohibited substances supplement screen. When they come back clean, we can use the Informed Sport logo on those products. 

The testing doesn't stop there. We need to submit every product batch (including all flavor variants) to Informed Sport for testing before releasing our product into the marketplace.

You can be confident that Momentous products with the Informed Sport logo have undergone more than one high-level test for packaging accuracy and product safety.


What These Certifications Mean For You

When our customers use our products, they trust us with their reputation. But most people taking our supplements want to know that they're getting what they paid for and that what they're taking will help them be at their best.

These certifications give you peace of mind. When we say you're getting 20g of protein per serving, you know it's true. You can also trust that our products are free from heavy metals, pesticides, and anything that might hold you back. 

If one of our products doesn't carry a certification, it doesn't mean it's of a lower-quality — we’re incredibly passionate about our sourcing. It just means the nature of some products often makes them ineligible for NSF and Informed Sport certifications. We always advise customers, especially athletes, to look for the certification logo on our product pages or contact us directly with any questions.

Whether your goal is to be a professional athlete or optimize your daily performance, we know what you put into your body matters. We also know there are plenty of options on the market for your supplementation needs. 

We think going the extra mile by getting NSF Certified for Sport and Informed Sport certifications is worth the extra work. We believe that these logos on our packaging prove we're willing to work just as hard as you to reach peak performance. 

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