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Spice Up Your Health Routine with Momentous Turmeric

Grace Gavilanes


The holidays encourage building community and fostering connection—quality time that’s usually spent over an indulgent feast or decadent dessert. And while treating yourself shouldn’t be viewed as a “guilty” act, caving into these cravings on a regular basis may wreak havoc on your digestive health. Fortunately, there are ways to remedy this discomfort. In addition to limiting your caffeine intake, increasing your daily hydration, and incorporating more physical activity, adding a trusted supplement to your wellness routine can make a notable difference. Introducing Momentous Turmeric.

The Science Behind Turmeric

Turmeric is a root vegetable that’s touted for its anti-inflammatory benefits. The feel-good effects of this ingredient stem from turmeric’s key active ingredient: curcumin. This powerhouse component helps neutralize harmful free radicals and protect cells from oxidative damage—all with the intention of supporting a healthy inflammatory response. Studies indicate that curcumin can help modulate the body's inflammatory response, support joint and muscle health, enhance cognitive function, aid digestion, and provide antioxidant protection.

It’s also worth noting that not all inflammation is bad. There are two types—chronic inflammation and acute inflammation—that people experience. Acute inflammation is essential, and occurs when you’re injured or sick (to name two scenarios) by alerting the body to release white blood cells in order to protect and solve the issue at hand.

Chronic inflammation occurs when white blood cells continue to be released, long after the body is healed, and attacking healthy tissues and organs. Turmeric can help mitigate chronic inflammation.

The Benefits of Turmeric

As previously stated, turmeric plays a crucial role in supporting a healthy inflammatory response. Not only does it act as a powerful antioxidant, but it also helps protect cells from oxidative damage, which can lead to long-standing health issues and contribute to aging. Additionally, introducing turmeric to your daily regimen can lead to reduced soreness and muscle breakdown.

The Momentous Standard

Not all turmeric supplements are created equal. In the case of Momentous Turmeric, our formula leverages 1,000mg of Meriva curcumin phytosomes, a unique curcumin extract that has been shown to provide up to 29x greater absorption than ordinary curcumin. Enhanced absorption and bioavailability ensures optimal efficacy. Momentous Turmeric (as well as the rest of our product portfolio) undergoes third-party testing from NSF and Informed-Sport to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

Incorporating Turmeric into Your Routine

‘Tis the season to prioritize your well-being. Adding Momentous Turmeric to your daily wellness routine is easy. Simply take two capsules per day during mealtime. Consistency is key when it comes to Momentous supplements. When taken regularly, you can expect to experience initial benefits and effects in two to four weeks.

As always, we recommend consulting your licensed healthcare professional before introducing a new supplement to your regimen. 

Grace Gavilanes

Grace Gavilanes

Grace Gavilanes is a writer-editor with over 10 years of experience in the wellness and lifestyle space. Her writing has been published in People, Well + Good, Glamour, Food & Wine, and more.