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The Pillar of Optimization: Insights From NFL Dietitian Jordan Mazur

The Pillar of Optimization: Insights From NFL Dietitian Jordan Mazur
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As discussed in past articles, we believe physical performance stands tall on three pillars. Having previously explored the critical pillar of Performance, we now turn to the second pillar: Optimization. Let's continue exploring this holistic approach to physical performance, and work on making targeted adjustments in our lifestyle, paving the way to achieving our best physical performance.

The Keystone of Optimization 

The pillar of optimization acts as the bridge linking the pillars of performance and recovery. It's a multifaceted concept, encompassing tailored nutrition, adept time management, cultivating empowering habits, and nurturing mental and emotional grit. Its goal is to push individuals toward extraordinary heights.

Determined to equip you with invaluable insights, we reached out to Jordan Mazur, the dietitian for the San Francisco 49ers. His extensive knowledge in optimization for some of the world's best athletes can help guide anyone crossing the complex landscape of their physical performance.

Q&A with Jordan Mazur, Director of Nutrition and Team Dietitian for the San Francisco 49ers

What does physical performance mean to you?

For myself, physical performance can mean any individual's ability to carry out physical activities efficiently and effectively. It encompasses various aspects such as strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, coordination, and overall fitness. 

How can physical performance look different for different people?

Physical performance can look different for different people based on their goals, genetics, body composition, and individual circumstances. For example, a professional athlete may focus on maximizing their power and speed, while a recreational exerciser might prioritize overall health, physique, and enjoyment.

What does optimization mean to you?

Optimization, in the context of physical performance, means maximizing one's potential and achieving peak performance. It involves implementing strategies, techniques, and lifestyle choices to enhance various aspects of one's physical capabilities and overall well-being.

In your eyes, what goes into optimizing your physical performance?

Optimizing physical performance requires a holistic approach. It involves several factors such as proper nutrition at the foundation, regular exercise, adequate rest and recovery, stress management, goal setting, and consistent practice. Each individual may have unique needs and requirements, so it's essential to personalize the approach.

What routines, habits, and lifestyle choices are most important in optimizing your performance?

Routines, habits, and lifestyle choices play a crucial role in optimizing physical performance. Some of my key elements include Consistent exercise: Engaging in regular physical activity tailored to one's goals and abilities. Balanced nutrition: Consuming a well-rounded diet that provides the necessary nutrients for energy, muscle recovery, and overall health. Sufficient rest and recovery: Allowing the body time to recuperate through quality sleep, rest days, and stress reduction. Mental and emotional well-being: Managing stress levels, practicing mindfulness, and maintaining a positive mindset. Setting realistic goals: Establishing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals to track progress and maintain motivation.

What are the best products/levers/tools to optimize physical performance? What have you done personally, or what have you used with your athletes?

The market offers various products and tools to aid in optimizing physical performance, such as fitness trackers, wearable devices, mobile applications, and supplements. With so many tools on the market, it's important to approach these tools with caution, considering individual needs, consulting professionals when necessary, and ensuring they align with evidence-based practices. Some of the best tools I utilize in the performance nutrition space are advance level blood biomarkers to optimize nutrient needs, DEXA for body composition, gut microbiome DNA sequencing to balance and correct gut health, sweat testing to see individual sweat rates and electrolyte needs during exercise, and apps to track meals, caloric intake and to also create meal plans.

If you could give people one tip to optimize their physical performance, what would it be?

One tip to optimize physical performance is to focus on consistency. Consistently engaging in regular exercise, maintaining healthy habits, and adhering to a well-rounded routine can yield significant improvements over time. It seems basic and rudimentary, but always remember that progress takes time and effort, so staying committed and motivated is crucial.

Momentous Products for Optimization 

Optimization can feel like a jigsaw puzzle - you need to make sure all the pieces fit just right to see the full picture. We're dedicated to equipping you with the tools to master your craft. From PR Lotion to enhance muscle efficiency to Collagen Peptides for strong joints, Momentous has everything you need to fine-tune your life. Add a supporting cast of products like Omega-3, Essential Multi, Vitamin D, and Turmeric Ultra, and you'll be ready to excel in your journey toward optimization.

Jordan Mazur's insight reminds us that fine-tuning our routines, habits, and lifestyle choices is the blueprint for unveiling our fullest potential in physical performance. Optimization is more than just a buzzword; it is an expedition of self-discovery and mastery. As you turn the dials, refine the settings, and calibrate your lifestyle, you're elevating your physical performance and laying the foundation for a more fulfilled, resilient, and dynamic life.

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