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Momentous and The DOD - Phase II SBIR Contract

Momentous and The DOD - Phase II SBIR Contract
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Park City, UT – Momentous recently completed a $1.5 million research contract with the United States Air Force (USAF) AFWERX Program.  This Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract allowed Momentous to investigate and validate a meaningful intervention to mitigate dehydration in USAF pilots and aircrew; the use of PR Lotion.


Momentous worked closely with the 1st Special Operations Wing, USAF to determine current hydration practices and the barriers to proper hydration with the goal of understanding tactical dehydration.  Missions, mixed gender aircrews, tight quarters, uniforms, gear, and discouraging/no restroom facilities on the aircraft all contribute to the practice of tactical dehydration.  This affects women disproportionately; technological advances in urination devices do not account for women’s unique anatomy or individual comfort.  Additionally, while the types of beverages consumed prior to flight differ, the common practice is to cut off fluid intake at least 60 minutes before flight.  This creates a period of 2.75 - 4+ hours (mission-dependent) where no fluids are consumed. 


Proper hydration is critical across many roles and functions throughout all branches of uniformed (military or First Responder) service.  The current approach to oral hydration is detrimental to operations and mission success; the resulting human error-related mishaps are an unnecessary and avoidable risk to human lives and materiel. 


To prove out PR Lotion’s use case in hydration status, Momentous supported research at the Korey Stringer Institute at UConn.  The clinical data presented by KSI UConn indicated that PR Lotion can provide the retention of an average of .5% body weight in fluid over 5 hours.  For an athlete weighing 80kg, the data show they may retain up to 0.4 liters (13.5 ounces) more water.


The success of the Phase II SBIR has implications for Tactical Athletes in branches and agencies of service; PR Lotion not only serves to increase performance and recovery, it also helps mitigate dehydration and the resulting decline in cognitive function. 


Learn more about PR lotion  here. 


About the AFWERX SBIR Program


AFWERX is the Air Force's team of innovators who encourage and facilitate connections across industry, academia, and the military to create transformative opportunities and foster a culture of innovation. For start-ups and small businesses, AFWERX is working with the SBIR program to increase collaboration between the Private Sector and the United States Air Force.