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UConn Athletics, Momentous Announce Partnership

UConn Athletics, Momentous Announce Partnership
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UConn Athletic Communications / Aug. 25, 2022

STORRS. Conn. – The University of Connecticut has partnered with Human Performance company Momentous, making Momentous "The Official Supplemental Partner of UConn Athletics."  

Momentous will become the provider of best-in-class supplement products for UConn's 21 athletic teams and 600 student-athletes.

"We are excited and thankful to partner with a company that invests in our student-athletes," said Moe Butler, UConn assistant athletic director for Olympic Sports Performance. "Momentous has a strong science-first approach to all of their products, which aligns with our philosophy of science-based practices and supporting our student-athletes in all areas of their development guided by the best research available."    

Momentous is a high-performance supplement and sports nutrition company headquartered in Park City, Utah. Its mission is to provide consumers with innovative, high-quality products combined with the knowledge and insights of why and how to use them. Their growing product portfolio can be found in more than 150 professional and collegiate sports teams' locker rooms worldwide, and has become synonymous with fueling performance athletics.

"We are proud to partner with UConn Athletics as their official high-performance supplement provider," Momentous CEO Jeff Byers said. "UConn Athletics has a long-standing tradition of excellence, and their leadership has been a champion of our products. We're excited to continue to support their student-athletes while providing their program with best-in-class product to help fuel their performances, both in competition and in the classroom."