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A convenient post-workout formula designed to kickstart the recovery process after workouts like running, weightlifting, cycling and other intense training. Momentous Recovery uses the same grass-fed whey isolate as our Essential Grass-fed Whey Protein, combined with quality carbohydrates to replenish energy and improve recovery. We’ve also included key amino acids like glutamine and L-Carnitine and high-quality electrolytes.

15 servings/bag 

  • Improve recovery after workouts.
  • Restore gluatamine levels, which supports healthy digestive and immune system function.
  • Improve oxygen uptake, and decrease average oxygen consumption, heart rate, and lactic acid.
Why we are different.
  • 2:1 protein to carb ratio
    Many recovery formulas use a ratio of 1:3 or even 1:4 - our philosophy was to include just enough carbs to raise blood sugar and decrease cortisol, thereby increasing the absorption of amino acids and improving muscle recovery.
  • L-Glutamine
    Is critical to a healthy digestive and immune system function, as well as the healing of injuries and muscle cell repair. Prolonged periods of physical stress can deplete glutamine levels, so we include a whopping 5g in every serving.
  • L-Carnitine
    Has been shown to benefit performance with studies showing improvements in running speed, maximal oxygen uptake, and decreases in average oxygen consumption, heart rate, and lactic acid.
  • Prohydrolase
    Is a blend of digestive enzymes clinically proven to increase absorption of amino acids in protein supplements - we use it all of our whey protein products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Nicole Carlson


Vasilis Kariolis


Gabby Wennerstrom
Best Recovery EVER

Taste like the best chocolate milk, and makes you feel amazing!

Kristine Banks-Smith
Good balance and tastes like chocolate ice cream

I tried Momentous because I realized the other protein shakes I had been using, actually did not have that much protein per serving (8g), whereas Momentous is 20g. I'm always nervous trying a new protein shake because I have tried a lot that I did not like the taste of, or it didn't mix well and was a little clumpy. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Momentous that it reminded me of chocolate ice cream and its nice smooth texture.

I felt it has aided my recovery, and I will definitely continue using Momentous.

Erica Good


Todd Nedorostek
Great stuff

Love the PR lotion, its the magic juice, difference maker especially on those hard group rides.
Juts changed over to this recover drink and can say much more effective than the last stuff I used, great product

Shawn Stevens
Recovering after a ride hasn't been easier.

Haven't tried a lot of recovery items, but have really liked the Recovery drinks for after my rides or workouts.

Just mix with milk!

I love the Recovery Momentous product, it mixes very easily and there is no smoothie needed, so I often just mix it with milk. As well, after an intense soccer practice or game, it helps with post practice or game recovery. It is also very important to me that that there is total transparency on where the ingredients come from, and Momentous has that.

Valencia Crme is delicious

Is delicious. It provides incredible nutritional value and has helped me put on lots of muscle in the past months.

Scott M
Best I've ever had

Easily the best recovery product I've ever used. On a weekly basis, I spend 3 days training for half marathons and 3 days weight training, so the differentiation of the two products is a huge bonus. I was really impressed with the taste of the chocolate drinks. They're usually too sweet or just have that artificial taste. Momentous products taste like you're drinking good quality dark chocolate. I'd recommend all of their products.