Dave Scholz

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Texas Tech Football


Scholz, who played football at Wisconsin-Eau Claire from 2002–03, was also a national level powerlifter at the 275-pound class. He earned his bachelor’s degree in exercise fitness from Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2004, and went on to earn his master’s degree from Utah State in health, physical education and recreation in 2008.

Prior to becoming the Texas Tech Football Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Dave was the Utah State Strength and Conditioning Head Coach, and the San Francisco 49ers Strength, Nutrition, and Conditioning assistant. His certifications include: CSCS Certification from the NSCA, Precision Nutrition Certification, ISSA Sports Nutrition Certification, BioSignature Modulation and PICP Levels I & II Certification.

What do you think are the three most important factors to being physically fit?
1 - High levels of muscle mass/strength
2 - Low body fat
3 - Low levels of circulating blood sugar/insulin.

Describe your sports journey. How did you begin?
Like everyone else I suspect. I became enamored with sports as a kid. However, I was always just as interested in training as I was in actually playing sports. Growing up, I was constantly watching action movies from the 1980s. Conan the Barbarian, Predator, Blood Sport, Karate Kid, Masters of the Universe, you name it. Additionally, my parents have always been physically fit. My mom used to train at the old Vic Tanny’s Gym in Milwaukee and my dad has always had his own gym in every house we have ever lived in. The second I started organized sports in 4th grade, I was doing push-ups and sit ups every day. I had my first copy of “Muscle and Fitness” magazine in 6th grade that had an up-and-coming Jay Cutler on the cover. However, it wasn’t until I reached my first year of college football that I realized how important nutrition was. Needless to say, I have made many mistakes on the road to where I am now, but I believe that a lot of continuing education (school and seminars) along with “in the trenches” experience [that] has allowed me to grow into the coach I am today.

How would you like to grow in the athletic sphere in the future?
By continuing to provide sound training and nutritional guidance to any individual I have the privilege of meeting. Additionally, by continuing to learn at an exponential rate each year. It is exciting to think about how much more you will know in 3 years than you do right now.