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Chocolate flavor 100% Plant Protein
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Chocolate Flavored 100% Plant Protein Supplement Facts
Vanilla Chai Flavored 100% Plant Protein Supplement Facts
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100% Plant Protein


Servings Per Container: 20

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Protein is a fundamental macronutrient that is a critical building block of the human body and is essential to support the growth, development, and recovery of muscles. If you want your body to operate at its best, it needs ample amounts of protein. Protein is involved in one form or another in everything your body does. Our plant-based protein powder is made from a precise blend of pea and rice proteins, which yields a complete amino acid profile.

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GMO Free Gluten Free Vegan

Impeccably High Standards

Precise blend

Our formula is made from a precise blend of pea and rice proteins, which yields a complete amino acid profile. 100% Plant Protein is also low in sugar and purposely not organic due to the higher heavy metal content in organic soil. With 20g of protein per serving, it is perfect for rebuilding and repairing muscles after a training session. With great taste and exceptional mixability, 100% Plant Protein is a go-to choice for many high performers.

Momentous 100% Plant Protein Powder

100% Plant Protein Powder

Green Peas

green peas

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Protocol Integration

Take daily
Add to smoothies and baked goods for a general protein boost

Clinical Research

The research supporting the benefits of plant-based proteins and their role in muscle repair and recovery is well-established. Momentous 100% Plant Protein is formulated with a complete amino acid profile to ensure optimal results. Furthermore, our product undergoes regular NSF and Informed-Sport testing for heavy metals and contaminants, guaranteeing its safety, purity, and superior quality.

Expert Verified
Brandon McDaniel Brandon McDaniel

From Brandon McDaniel, MLB Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

"I needed to make sure that protein was getting to my athlete's muscles so they could recover after their workout, after their game, and come back the next day and perform at a high level. The plant based protein has pea protein and rice protein to help with that full amino acid profile. It has a lot of nutrients in there that are going to help rush the protein to the cells."

What to Expect with 100% Plant Protein

When to Use
1 x scoop Daily with 12 ounces of water or milk
Onset Time
14 days
Estimated 2-4 weeks of supplementation for noticeable improvements to be felt. Long-term benefits are best achieved with regular daily supplementation.
Expected Results
Muscle Recovery Athletic Performance
Use within 30 minutes after your training session to maximize its impact on muscle repair and recovery. Consistent use of this protein supplement, coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise, will yield cumulative benefits over time. You can expect improved muscle recovery, enhanced performance, and noticeable gains in strength and endurance with regular usage.

Ingredients We Can Be Proud of

100% Plant Protein Supplement Facts
100% Plant Protein Powder Supplement Facts

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