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What Does It Take to Win the World Series?

What Does It Take to Win the World Series?

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Muscle Performance, Muscle Recovery


Athletic Performance, Muscle Recovery


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Die-hard fans and casual onlookers agree that athletic performance is rooted in movement. And while testing your body’s limits as it pertains to agility, flexibility, and endurance is a given for athletes, this commitment to achieving athletic prowess doesn’t mean optimal performance is based on physicality alone. Nutrition plays a major role in how far athletes can effectively take their game.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Take note from Dr. Katie McInnis, the Performance Dietitian for the Texas Rangers. The MLB team, which boasts the coveted 2023 World Series Champion title, scored the high honor not only due to rigorous training, but also a holistic nutrition plan that includes a number of Momentous products.

Dr. McInnis pictured above with the World Series trophy

Ahead, McInnis opens up about helping the Texas Rangers supplement their wellness routines, the biggest myths in the sports nutrition space, and more.

How does it feel to win the World Series?

It was truly the highlight of my entire career to watch this team fulfill a lifelong goal of theirs. This is something the players and coaching staff have worked a lifetime to achieve and while I was lucky to be there and support them, the joy I get from all of this is seeing how meaningful it has been to them. I've been working in baseball for over 10 years, and this is always something that you talk about, but getting to actually experience it in a sport that has given me so much is surreal.

What is the most popular supplement with your athletes?

The utilization of Momentous products is really individualized to each player and their specific needs. It's a really long season, especially if you continue through the end of the postseason, so we use a variety of products that help with recovery but also those that acutely help performance and general well-being.

What makes you trust Momentous supplements to fuel your players?

Momentous makes very high-quality products and has a wide variety of supplements that are third-party certified. A big part of my job is making sure that the supplements players use are evidence-based and free of banned substances, which is why Momentous products are a good fit for our clubhouse. 

Is your nutrition protocol different for players when they are in the postseason versus the regular season?

Quite the opposite! Baseball is a sport of routine and superstition, so by the time we have made it to the postseason, we have already found what works for each player and developed their routine. Spring training is the time to try different nutrition strategies and then once the season starts, we implement them and tweak them as needed individually. The goal for the postseason is that they don't have to think about their nutrition plan because it's already become second nature to them and they can just focus on preparing for the game. 

What is the biggest myth in the sports nutrition space?

I think there is a pressure and a notion that you absolutely need [sports science advancements] to be cutting-edge, and while I see a lot of value in that, I think if you are in a space where you don't have that available, you can still remain competitive. Prior to being a sports dietitian, I was a scientist, so I always have an urge to get more validated data and use that to progress the science. However, I think we can't lose the value of a conversation with an athlete in listening to what they feel helps them perform best, regardless of what the data says. 

What is the most important aspect of nutrition to perform at a high level?

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of performance nutrition. One day of good nutrition doesn't provide much benefit and one day of poor nutrition doesn't undo everything. When we are working with food and supplements, most of the time you see the maximal benefit if you are consistent with evidence-based recommendations. Generally, there's no quick fix or fad diet that is going to make you a better athlete.

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