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Kelly Starrett Finds a Match at Momentous

Kelly Starrett Finds a Match at Momentous
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By: Amanda Loudin

If there’s such a thing as a celebrity physical therapist, Kelly Starrett is it. The doctor of physical therapy also happens to be the co-author of three New York Times bestsellers, co-founder of one of the original CrossFit boxes in the nation—San Francisco CrossFit—and a consultant to athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, among others. Starrett also helps keep the military in shape, working with their most elite forces. At his core, Starrett aims to help everyone move and perform at their best, whether you’re a pro athlete or a daily desk jockey, old or young. 

With such credentials, Starrett was the perfect fit to join the Momentous team of experts, and it’s a partnership that feels like an easy match. In this role, Starrett brings his years of high-performance expertise to the table, weighing in on our extensive line of science-backed tools. Starrett says it’s a timely relationship for him: “Back in the ‘90s, when I was on the national whitewater racing team, I was one of the first of my group to understand the value of recovery and proper fueling,” he says. “This was the dark ages of sports nutrition, but we were beginning to understand its importance.”

Fast forward a couple of decades, and now everyone from the weekend warrior to the pros know that you can’t accomplish performance goals without the proper nutrition and rest to support the hours of training. Momentous promotes this concept, which is what made it attractive to Starrett. “As a PT working with teams and superstar athletes, I can’t talk about tissue health and recovery if I’m not also asking them to look at their nutrition,” he explains. “I have to be well versed in all the best practices of maintaining a healthy body.”  

Starrett says that today, there’s a general agreement that whole food nutrition comes first, but that there’s a critical role for augmentation, too. “When I think of magnesium, for instance, I think it’s the most underrated supplement out there,” he says. “Used correctly, it can make all the difference in sleep quality, which promotes recovery.” 

An important supplement is one thing but getting it from the right source is crucial. “The supplement industry is the Wild West,” says Starrett. “You can’t recognize you need to augment your diet and then not pay attention to what you’re taking and where it’s from.”

That’s what made Momentous an attractive partner for him.

“Momentous is kind of a secret cabal of brilliant people. I’m doing the dopest work with the dopest group of people.” 

That team of experts is working not just to support the highest-performing athletes and troops, but the everyday athlete, as well. That’s what made the partnership a slam dunk for Starrett. He acknowledges that it’s in our homes where change is made—and Momentous makes that easy. “The household is the functional leader of change,” he says. “With Momentous, we can aggregate our experience to human performance in our own homes. Our biggest mission is to make families healthier. With our tools, we can democratize human performance.”

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