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Momentous Announces New Partnership With Dr. Kelly Starrett

Momentous Announces New Partnership With Dr. Kelly Starrett

Momentous — the industry leader used by 150+ professional and collegiate sports teams, backed by 6 innovation contracts with the Department of Defense, and producer of clinically validated, patented products — has teamed up with Dr. Kelly Starrett, world-renowned mobility expert, and best-selling author. With clients including Olympic gold-medalist and UFC Champions, Dr. Starrett will now be providing his years of mobility expertise by supporting the research and development of innovative new products from Momentous.



Kelly combines his vast experience in physical therapy with a passion for injury prevention and recovery. He has written two New York Times bestselling books on movement and mobility, including Becoming A Supple Leopard. In 2008, Kelly founded what would become known as The Ready State, a mobility system that revolutionized how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance.




Having consulted for all four military branches and having worked with teams and players in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA, Dr. Starrett will now be bringing his knowledge to the Momentous team. 

"We're honored to be working with Kelly. His experience in helping elite athletes recover from major injuries and his work in allowing thousands of people to move without pain or restriction is unparalleled.” said Jeff Byers, Momentous CEO and former NFL player. “Kelly's wealth of knowledge will be essential as we continue to develop the most innovative nutritional supplements for athletes of all types. His philosophy of being ready for anything life throws your way is also at the heart of why we develop products for human performance. This really is a perfect partnership."


Kelly Couch


Dr. Starrett has already received coverage about his work and techniques on national TV, including 60 Minutes Sports and The Today Show. He's appeared as a guest on hundreds of top podcasts, including The Tim Ferriss Show and The Joe Rogan Experience. His work has also been featured in print media, including Men's Health and GQ.

"The team at Momentous is creating the best nutritional supplement products I've seen on the market." Said Dr. Starrett. "I can't wait to work with them to unlock new ways to improve athlete performance and prevent injuries for everyone who wants to reach their full potential."