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Momentous Moments is a series that shines a spotlight on those who push what’s possible—whether they’re lacing up for a race or navigating menopause. Today, we introduce you to Cindy Kramer, a Momentous customer who’s worked as an athletic trainer for 37 years. Read more about Cindy’s inspiring story, her Momentous routine, and more.

Everyone sets goals. But when it comes to achieving them, not everyone gets there. People may get tired or bored with a monotonous plan, leaving future wins in their wake. It’s not an abnormal occurrence, and does have a solution: being resilient and staying persistent with what it is you’re hoping to achieve. Cindy Kramer, a Momentous customer, athlete, and coach, exemplifies this.

The 65-year-old Los Angeles resident is well-acquainted with consistently setting larger-than-life goals and reaching milestones most people could only dream of. The experienced athletic trainer of 37 years has been an athlete since high school. She played college softball and coached boys’ baseball before turning her passion into a lifelong career: developing the sports medicine program at the high school she’s worked at for almost 40 years.

Cindy says she lives by doing things that will enhance her active lifestyle, support her longevity, and improve her strength. This mentality is what led Cindy to run her first marathon at the age of 40. And that was only the beginning. After crossing the finish line at her very first marathon, Cindy was hooked. She would eventually go on to run marathons on every continent, including Antarctica. Her commitment to going further and setting goals is still going strong.

“I need a goal, otherwise I become very sedentary,” she says. “It’s really easy to be on the couch.” But she tends to spend less time there now that she’s ventured into triathlon territory and is both an athlete and coach at the Santa Monica-based Tower 26 triathlon team. “It's a health thing for me now, and it’s about camaraderie. I love the camaraderie of the team. I don't necessarily like racing, as silly as that sounds. I like training and being with the group much more than the racing.”

And it’s this camaraderie that is so important to her; it underpins her ultimate goal: “I want to find community, as well as ensure I stay strong as I grow older,” she says.

She regularly tests her mobility and stability with fitness tests to help bulletproof her against the aging process, adding: “I want to be able to climb stairs. I want to be able to carry my groceries.”

And, like many of us, Cindy does admit she has a weakness—one many of us can relate to. "I am a dessert fiend,” she says. “Overall, I know for me, nutrition is 80% of the battle."

A daily staple that helps her stay on track? Momentous supplements, which she discovered through word of mouth. Cindy’s go-to products include PR Lotion (“It goes on before every bike workout, every race,” she says), Creatine , Vitamin D3 , Turmeric , and Omega-3 .

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