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Momentous Moments: Matt Chorney



Momentous Moments is a new series that shines a spotlight on those who push what’s possible —whether they’re lacing up for a race or navigating menopause. Today, we introduce you to our VP of Product, Matt Chorney, who is an avid runner and marathoner as well as Momentous’ first employee. Read more about Matt’s journey, his motivation, his Momentous routine, and more.

How It Started 

Matt Chorney has been a runner for as long as he can remember. In fact, his desire to lace up and log miles was inspired by his runner father and older brother back when Matt, now 35, was in the fifth grade. He ran cross-country in high school and college, eventually shifting his focus to marathons and trail races after graduation.

The New Hampshire native currently resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he finds constant motivation to run, ski, and explore the great outdoors, courtesy of the area’s picturesque views and ever-active dwellers. Most residents, according to Matt, regularly run, ski, or climb—no matter their age.

Finding Strength from Running Solo

While running is generally perceived as a solo sport, many runners crave community, whether virtually on social platforms like Strava or in-person with run clubs. Matt, who this season is looking to beat his impressive 2:21 marathon PR as well as take on some trail races like the Lofoten 50K in Norway, admits not having people to train with on a daily basis is something that’s lacking in Jackson Hole. But there is a silver lining.

“There's a certain amount of strength and confidence that can come with that individualized training,” he says. “And when you're on a starting line where you may not know everyone else, you can always have confidence in yourself to know that the work that you've done has been for yourself and by yourself.” 

But it’s not all a lonesome pursuit, as Matt is also coach to the Jackson Hole High School Cross Country and Track and Field teams, a role he’s had for the past 13 years, during which time he’s helped guide them to six state championships and 10 individual state championships titles.

Prioritizing Wellness

Clearly he’s packing more into life than the average person, so how does he ensure he stays healthy? He says he prioritizes wellness, and, as with many experienced athletes, he turns to high-quality supplements to enhance his running and recovery. Unsurprisingly, he relies on Momentous to fuel his daily wellness routine.

Matt's Momentous Routine

“Momentous products have played a huge role in my life, ever since starting and joining the business,” says Matt, who has been at Momentous since 2016. The marathoner supplements his active lifestyle with five products: Whey Protein, Collagen Peptides, Creatine, L-Glutamine, and Multivitamin. “I just feel that as a distance runner, you're asking your body to do something outside of the norm,” he says. 

Depending on the phase of his training, he runs between 50 and 80 miles a week, saying: “Supplements are a really important way to help my body meet this above-average ask.”

Advice for Newcomers

As for what advice he’d give to those starting their own health and fitness journey, Matt emphasizes the importance of starting small.

“Think about one thing that you can start to incorporate in your daily routine,” he shares, adding that often these goals aren’t usually health- or wellness-focused. “It could just mean going to bed at the same time each night or drinking three glasses of water a day, or some sort of very small, habitual routine that you can incorporate into your daily life.”

Goals for Life

And when it comes to his own long-term goals, he keeps it pretty simple—he wants to be leading a fit and active life for as long as he possibly can. He aspires to run for the rest of his life—a goal he knows is not impossible considering the older athletes he’s encountered along the way.

“I’ve always wanted to be a lifelong runner,” he says. “I always look up to the people on the starting line that are 75, 80, 85-years-old and still going out and running our local 10Ks. And to me, that's where I want to be. Regardless of winning the race or setting a new PR, I want to be out there and enjoying the sport for as long as possible.”