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New Research on Human Performance for The U.S. Military

New Research on Human Performance for The U.S. Military

Momentous has been awarded yet another innovation contract with the U.S. Air Force. As one of the few human performance companies working with the military, we're always looking for ways to improve the performance of our service members. 

With two former Marines on the Momentous team, we're proud to continue working with the Department of Defense. Our innovative projects will offer viable, ground-level solutions that solve human performance problems and increase our troops' competitive advantage. For this, one of our 9 military contracts, we're researching a human performance innovation that helps address the issues of high fatigue and impaired cognition of our active military service members.

Robust Clinical Trial with the University of South Carolina ROTC

We'll work closely with Dr. Shawn Arent, the Professor & Chair of the Dept. of Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina and the UofSC Sport Science Lab Director. He'll run a robust clinical trial with Airmen from the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) to enhance their cognition, focus, and attention during complex tasks. 

It's well known that U.S. Military service demands a high physical and mental toll. Service members are asked to push themselves to their limits in pursuit of mission objectives. But servicemen and servicewomen are only human; they get tired, worn down, and exhausted.

Fatigue affects all military service aspects, including training, operations, and logistics. This poor mental performance associated with fatigue increases the likelihood of mission failures through more on-the-job accidents, poor decision-making, and a higher incidence of near mishaps, exposing our troops to unnecessary risks.

Excessive Caffeine Intake Only Makes Things Worse

The traditional quick fix to fighting fatigue involves downing copious amounts of caffeine. This high caffeine intake might work in the short term, from multiple cups of coffee to sugar-laced energy drinks, but eventually requires ever-increasing amounts to produce the same effects. Plus, taking high levels of caffeine will, over time, negatively impact hormone production and disrupt sleep cycles, ultimately aggravating the problems associated with increased fatigue.

Our innovation will aim to deliver the positive cognitive effects of caffeine while providing fewer spikes and crashes in energy typically associated with the popular stimulant. We hope it can help reduce caffeine consumption rates by up to 50%. That way, service members can avoid those downstream adverse effects and prevent needing higher doses over time to feel any impact.

Performance Driven. Consumer Focused                                       

Any product developed in conjunction with our military innovation program will ultimately find its way to our customers. We want high performers of all types to enjoy the benefits of this robust research and development strategy. And, as always, we offer discounts on all current products to active and former service military members on all our products through