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The Momentous Standard

The Momentous Standard

Athletic Performance, Muscle Recovery


Muscle Performance, Cognitive Function


Muscle Performance, Muscle Recovery

Collagen Peptides

Joint Health, Bone Health

Magnesium L-Threonate

Sleep, Cognitive Function


Cognitive Function, Foundational Health

The Problem

It’s no secret that the supplement industry is the Wild West in terms of regulation. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does regulate and oversee the supplement industry, it does not proactively test finished products for heavy metals, label claim verification, or pesticides and banned substances. This means that many supplements on the market today can contain ingredients that are not displayed on the label (or lack ones that should be there). This is something we pride ourselves on doing differently—and it’s one of the reasons we call ourselves the “anti-supplement” supplement company. 

Our Solution

At Momentous, our goals run much deeper than simply selling supplements: We are passionate about creating science-backed products that you can trust to help you live and perform at your absolute best. It’s a job that we take very seriously, which is why we’ve invested in a rigorous quality control process to ensure that what you order is exactly what you get.

Every Momentous product is manufactured in a facility that is certified and audited by the NSF, the world’s foremost product testing organization. This means that the NSF inspects our facilities and audits our entire production process annually. It also conducts additional unannounced inspections. NSF inspectors test raw materials, observe batch control processes and internal lab capabilities, check for cross-contamination mitigation, machine cleaning protocols, and much more.

Our Commitment 

If that wasn’t enough, we take our quality control process even further by committing to NSF Sport and Informed Sport testing. These testing organizations were established so that professional athletes can have complete clarity on the contents of their supplements and avoid potential doping issues in elite competitions. In order to receive NSF Sport and Informed Sport certifications, we submit every single batch of our products to be tested for banned substances. Before any product goes to market each year it is tested to ensure that it does not contain high levels of heavy metals, microbial contaminants, or even just less of the active ingredients than advertised to help ensure it is what it claims to be. If any production batch fails then that batch is never sold to the public—in fact, it’s destroyed.

Nothing about this complex quality control process is easy. It’s time consuming and expensive to source ingredients, find manufacturing partners and develop production methods that ensure our products will meet the industry’s highest certification standards. Undertaking the certification process also delays the on-sale date for each product batch by up to six weeks, which is another cost in itself. But to us, there is no other way. We are performance obsessed—and this is how we ensure that you get the very best from our products.

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