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The Pinnacle of Triathlon: How Lucy-Charles Barclay Prepared for Kona

The Pinnacle of Triathlon: How Lucy-Charles Barclay Prepared for Kona

In the words of Cam Wurf, Kona Ironman is the “Super Bowl” for triathletes. As a human performance company, we at Momentous are so proud to have such elite athletes representing us and competing at Kona. Both Cam Wurf and Lucy Charles-Barclay have had unique journeys to reach the competition this year, and both are headed to Hawaii with one objective in mind: become World Champion. We sat down with both athletes to learn more about their background, their training regimen, and how they prepared themselves for their biggest event of the year. Below is our interview with Lucy:

Tell us about you and your key achievements to date.

Hi, I'm Lucy Charles-Barclay. I would say I’m definitely getting towards the peak of my career in triathlon, having won the Ironman 70.3 World Championship last year, and I’m currently building into my 4th Ironman World Championship as a professional having been runner up 3 times.

Tell us about your road to Kona this year, what has it taken for you to get here?

My road to Kona this year has been very different to a typical year. I started the year with a pretty bad injury which was a stress fracture of my hip, which really sidelined me for most of the year. And when I was diagnosed with that injury a lot of the specialists thought that Kona would be very unlikely and should I look at focusing on next year however we didn’t want to give up on the Kona dream and here we are. We are now almost a week out from the race and I'm feeling really good; I'm feeling like I've had a really consistent build up and I’m just so happy to be here after the start of the year that I had.

What are your expectations and goals going into the world championships? 

My expectations going into the World Championships this year are: I just want to go all in, I want to have a great race, I just feel lucky to be here and yeah- I’m going to try and enjoy it as brutal as it is.

What tools and products do you use in your training? 

One of the main things that I use to help aid my training is the PR Lotion, I use this for most of my sessions but always on the sessions where I’m trying to hit the top end I find I can get a little bit more from myself and then on the recovery side I use the Collagen as I’ve found that’s really helped.

Anything else you're looking forward to going into Kona?

Aside from the race I always look forward to the trip to Kona. It's just a beautiful place to go and visit- obviously the wildlife I love- and I always feel quite chill despite it being the biggest race on the calendar.

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