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Inositol is a small molecule structurally similar to glucose that is involved in cellular signaling.†


Inositol is currently NOT Informed Sport or NSF Certified for Sport certified.  Professional athletes should not consume or purchase product without consulting physician or coach.

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  • Benefits

    Inositol works by facilitating the proper metabolism of our natural 'feel-good' hormones. Inositol stimulates the metabolism of our natural 'feel-good' hormones. It helps improve communication throughout the brain, which allows for the better release of chemicals like serotonin. When serotonin is at normal levels, you feel more focused, emotionally stable, and calmer. Serotonin is also a chemical precursor to melatonin, the primary hormone involved in sleep.

  • Functions

    Inositol is a group of nine naturally occurring sugars in whole grains, beans, and citrus fruits. Inositol sugars are integral components of the cell membrane and have essential roles in cell signaling. As a supplement, inositol is typically in the form of myo-inositol. It is involved in various biochemical processes, including cell signaling, fat metabolism, and calcium homeostasis. In humans, inositol is thought to play a role in maintaining a balanced mood and helping with quality sleep.

  • How to use

    Take 1 serving 30-60 minutes prior to sleep, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

  • Third-party tested

  • Train Harder, Perform Stronger, Recover Faster


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