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Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium Glycinate

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Momentous Magnesium provides 125mg of elemental magnesium per serving in the form of buffered magnesium glycinate - one of the most well-absorbed forms available. Magnesium is a mineral involved in more than 600 processes throughout the body. It is critical to the health and functions of heart, brain, lungs, muscles, and bones.†

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  • Benefits

    Brain Function Magnesium acts as the gatekeeper for NMDA receptors, which are involved in healthy brain development, memory and learning. In healthy adults, it prevents unnecessary nerve stimulation by weak signals. Heart Health Magnesium is vital for maintaining a healthy heart; it helps stabilize the rhythm of the heart and plays a role in preventing abnormal blood clotting in the heart. Magnesium also helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Muscle Function When magnesium levels are inadequate, your muscles may over contract which can lead to symptoms llike muscle spasm and cramping. Magnesium helps the muscle cell relax after contracting Bone Mineralization Magnesium plays a key role in bone mineralization by influencing the synthesis of the active form of vitamin D. A positive association has been found between dietary magnesium intake and bone mineral density.

  • Functions

    Magnesium directly supports more than 600 enzymatic processes, healthy cardiac and lung function, bone density, muscle tenderness and fatigue. It is also necessary to convert vitamin D into its active form in support of bone health, immune system support, brain function and improves sleep quality.

  • How to use

    Take 1-3 capsules per day with food

  • Third-party tested

  • Train Harder, Perform Stronger, Recover Faster


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