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We’re thrilled to team up with world-class Scientist, Coach, and Teacher, Andy Galpin, PHD in his mission to enhance the human condition by providing the world with health, human performance, and nutrition education. Andy is a full-time Professor at CSU Fullerton and Director of the Center for Sport Performance.

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Andy Galpin's Athletic Resilience Bundle

Athletic Resilience Bundle

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Andy Galpin's Female Athlete Bundle


Andy Galpin's Female Athlete Bundle


Included in Andy Galpin's Female Athlete Bundle: Omega  3Sustainably sourced from Alaskan Pollock, our Omega is a daily fish oil supplement designed to optimize intake of the most important Omega-3 fatty acids - EPA and DHA. Each serving delivers a potent 1600mg combined EPA and DHA in a 1:1 ratio. Our fish oil also contains a minimum of 90% triglyceride bound Omega-3's - the form of Omega-3's found naturally in fish and most easily absorbed by the body. Our Omega-3 is molecularly distilled to ensure purity and to remove metals, pesticides, and other possible contaminants.†Collagen PeptidesMomentous Collagen Peptides deliver 11.6 grams of grass-fed collagen peptides, a full dose of FORTIGEL® - a patented, clinically researched collagen peptide source designed to promote collagen synthesis in tendons and ligaments, and Vitamin C to increase the strength and amount of collagen formed. †CreatineWhen used daily, creatine helps maintain a continuous supply of energy to working muscles. The result is improved capacity and greater ability to perform repeated max efforts. Over time, this leads to sustained gains in lean muscle development. For highly active individuals, daily use of Momentous Creatine use can improve performance in both training and competition.† Vitamin DVitamin D is a vital nutrient found in certain foods and produced naturally by the human body when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is critical to the health and function of the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, and immune systems. Many individuals fail to get enough Vitamin D from these two sources and therefore may benefit from supplementation.†

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