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Save $5.24 on all orders
Save $5.24 on all orders
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Fuel Hightlights
  • 12 Servings Per Box
  • Clean delivery of electrolytes and carbs

Momentous Fuel is a drink mix designed to optimize performance during activities lasting longer than 60 minutes. Fuel supports hydration with key electrolytes and provides easy-to-digest carbohydrates for sustained energy - plus an added boost of beet root nitrates to support cardiovascular function.

Dual-source Carbohydrates

Fuel provides carbs in two forms: glucose (as isomaltulose) and fructose. Glucose-only formulas are associated with GI distress, whereas the combination of glucose and fructose uses non-competing pathways for absorption in the gut. This leads to improved absorption and utilization, and less chance for stomach-upset.


The primary carb source in Fuel is isolmatulose - a unique form of sugar composed of a complex-chain of glucose molecules. Isomaltulose has a very low glycemic index compared to other carbs like maltodextrin and cane sugar - which means it won’t cause sharp spikes and drops in blood sugar and energy.

4 Key Electrolytes

Fuel provides more than just sodium and potassium. Magnesium is involved in numerous processes that affect muscle function, including oxygen uptake, energy production, and electrolyte balance. Zinc has been shown to improve absorption of water through the small intestine.

Nitrates from Beet Root

Nitrate supplementation has been shown to reduce the oxygen cost of submaximal exercise and can enhance exercise tolerance and performance.

Use when exercise is high output or longer than 60 minutes.

Each batch is both NSF Certified for Sport and Informed Sport Certified to ensure product purity and label accuracy. These are the 3rd-party testing standards relied upon by all professional athletes.

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NSF Certified

Passionately Formulated For Best Results

Fuel is made for those looking to stay hydrated and energized during exercise 60 minutes or more.


Low glycemic-index
Delivers essential electrolytes
Added zinc for absorption
Added carbohydrates for energy
Available in two great-tasting flavors

Great Tasting and Effective

Fuel is formulated with the exact ratio of glucose to fructose to limit GI distress and influence performance.


Answers to your questions

Fuel is different then Hydrate in it's higher sugar and carbohydrate content. Fuel is intended to be used after 60 minutes into a workout.

Non-effervescent. Flat.