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Focus & Cognition Bundle

Focus & Cognition Bundle

Total Servings: 60

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The Focus & Cognition Bundle - 60 Day Supply contains three handpicked ingredients, Tyrosine, Omega-3, and Alpha GPC, which all have established roles in supporting neural function. These ingredients work together to improve brain function and enhance mental clarity, focus, and motivation, helping you to achieve your best cognitive performance. Whether you're looking to boost productivity at work, perform better in school, or simply maintain a sharp and focused mind, this bundle has you covered.

Everything at a Glance

What's Included

  • Tyrosine

  • Alpha GPC

  • Omega-3

What to Expect with Focus & Cognition Bundle - 60 Day Supply

When to Use
1 x serving size of each Daily with food and as directed on the individual products
Onset Time
7 days
Estimated optimal impacts after 3-4 weeks of regular use.
Expected Results
Cognitive Function Cognitive Health Foundational Health
With regular use, you can expect improved mental clarity, enhanced focus, sharper memory, and increased cognitive performance. This bundle works best when combined with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Results may vary depending on age and lifestyle factors.

Focus & Cognition Bundle Supplement Facts

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